Is It Normal If Your Boobs Are Two Different Sizes?

If you are a person who has grown up in the world–as most of us tend to be–chances are good that you have a pretty specific idea of what your boobs are supposed to look like. You probably haven’t really seen that many human boobs other than your own and the ones you see on TV, so you might feel tempted to hold your boobs up to the standard of the latter. You know, the ones that are smooth and totally hairless and devoid of nipples, unless you are trying to be sexy, in which case your nipples are permitted to be hard and perky and visible through a flattering ribbed tank top. (What I am describing here, as you may have already guessed, are the boobs of Barbie and Jennifer Aniston, respectively, which may very well have been your only exposure to what human breasts are supposed to look like.) And, most of all, they are supposed to be perfectly, 100 percent  symmetrical.


But, uh, what if your boobs aren’t? Symmetrical, that is. As in, they’re two totally different sizes. It’s easy to feel as though that makes you a freak–whose boobs aren’t even the same size?–but, as it turns out, this is pretty normal. After all, if there is anything you should have learned about being a human girl by now, it is that your own body rarely behaves the way you would like or expect it to. So, check out everything you need to know about having different sized boobs here:

So. Is this weird?

Most of the time? Not at all. Chances are good that not everything on your body is perfectly symmetrical–your hands and feet could be slightly different sizes, too–so, if your boobs aren’t the same size either, it’s probably not a big deal. Basically, you should think of your boobs the same you think of your eyebrows–they should be sisters, not twins.


Why are boobs asymmetrical?

There are a lot of possible reasons! But usually, during puberty, it’s pretty typical for one boob to start growing before another–so, if you’re still a teenager, it’s possible that your boobs are just growing at different paces. It’s also possible that they could stop growing at the same time, even if they started growing at different times, which means that they’ll end up being slightly different sizes.

Is there ever a time when having different-sized boobs isn’t normal?

It’s possible–but not probable–that having asymmetrical breasts could indicate a more serious illness. Sometimes, differences in breast sizes don’t point to an issue with the breast itself, but rather a spine condition like scoliosis or curves in the chest wall that can make one breast appear larger than the other.  It can also sometimes be a sign of breast cancer.

To figure out if your boob asymmetry is an issue, just start paying some attention to them. Try and monitor if their difference in size starts to grow more pronounced, if one breast feels more tender or sensitive to pain than the other, or if you notice some lumps that weren’t there before, all of which can be signs of breast cancer.

But, again, try not to worry too much about this! You should definitely visit a doctor if you’re feeling really freaked out, but chances are good that the explanation simply is that your body is changing and doing some weird things while it goes through these changes.


Is it going to be like this forever?

If your boobs are still growing, just give it some time–it’s very likely that they’ll eventually even out more. But some people do end up having permanently different-sized boobs, which doesn’t indicate a life-threatening health issue, but can come along with some feelings of insecurity and embarrassment. (Some people, however, are totally fine with it.)


Is there anything I can do about it?

If you have different-sized boobs, and it bothers you, you don’t have to just accept it. First of all, you should definitely get a specially-fitted bra–comfort is important when it comes to your boobs, and having one boob constantly be in the wrong size bra is definitely not going to make you feel more comfortable. (ThirdLove has a lot of options if you’re looking for one.)

You can also look into getting a breast augmentation or reduction if you want your boobs to be more even. Of course, this is a serious procedure and not something you should take lightly, so use that as your last resort.

Do you have different-sized boobs? Do you have any other questions about it? Let us know in the comments!

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