Here’s How Abortion Restrictions Are Killing Women

Texas is in the news again for its abortion laws, and I don’t know if this is going to surprise you, but it isn’t exactly good news this time. On Sunday, Texas lawmakers failed to take significant action to deal with the state’s increasing numbers of maternal mortality, which is the highest in the United States and the developed world.

According to ABC News, Texas legislators introduced proposals to address maternal mortality after a study from the University of Maryland found that the state’s maternal mortality rate doubled between 2010 and 2012. But many proposed measures–such as allowing researchers to continue studying causes behind pregnancy-related deaths–didn’t make it to a vote, which means that lawmakers will have to wait until 2019 to address the issue again.

This is disturbing for a number of reasons. First of all, there is absolutely no reason why women (mostly African-American women, who are disproportionately affected by these mortality rates) should be dying at an increased rate due to pregnancy-related causes in the United States, and it is distressing (to say the least) that lawmakers appear to have little to no interest in fixing it. It’s also concerning because, though these deaths do have numerous causes–such as cardiovascular diseases, infection or sepsis, and hemorrhage–in many cases, the deaths are symptomatic of the state’s stringent anti-abortion laws.

This is because states with strict abortion laws also tend to have the worst healthcare for women, and Texas happens to be one of the states most hellbent on making safe, legal abortions virtually impossible to get. Many clinics that offer abortions also offer vital reproductive care to women who might not be able to afford it otherwise, which means that, when these clinics (such as, I don’t know, Planned Parenthood, which has been defunded in Texas to disastrous effect) become harder to access, pregnant women are the ones who suffer.

This is ironic, because anti-abortion laws are often marketed as though they have the intent to protect women’s health, which, clearly, is untrue–if these lawmakers cared about women, they would care about them dying due to the pregnancies they are, in many cases, being forced to have. Basically, lawmakers who care about imposing restrictions on abortion do not care about the women these restrictions affect. Period.

Basically? It’s a dangerous world out there for women right now. But we all knew that already. If you can, try and deal with this by voting people who you know will act in your best interests–and not, like these so-called pro-lifers, blatantly against them.

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