18 Creative DIY Embroidered Accessories To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

When I personally think about embroidery, I think of embroidery floss and friendship bracelets. As a kid, I spent hours and hours creating intricate friendship bracelets whenever I could, then selling them on the beach and actually making a decent profit. I don’t know if people still use embroidery floss for that purpose – I hope so! – but I do know that embroidered items are making something of a comeback right now. Embroidered clothing, especially jeans, are a big trend for summer 2017, and it doesn’t stop at denim. Adding embroidery to accessories is a pretty, creative way to make them look new and fun.

Making embroidered accessories is easier than it seems, and you can probably do it even if you’ve never sewed before. You can transform bags, hats, shoes, and even jewelry with some colorful floss and pretty designs. It’s a little feminine, vintage looking in a good way, and also a whole lot of fun. These DIY embroidered accessory tutorials make for the perfect summer craft for those days you can’t be bothered to do anything else.

2. Embroidered Baseball Cap



Why spend a lot on a baseball cap when you could just make a plain one look cool? Use embroidery to put any word or phrase you want on an old or cheap cap.


2. Embroidered Pouch



Small pouches are perfect to use in large bags to hold all of your tiny items that get lost easily. Make yours look more fun with some embroidery.


3. Embroidered Palm Leaf Sneakers



White sneakers can get boring after a while. Make yours more fun with a palm leaf theme that’s perfect for summer days.


4. Embroidered Sun Hat



These giant embroidered sun hats are all over Instagram’s top style bloggers. Make your own by adding any phrase you want on the brim.


5. Embroidered Pineapple Notebook



Make any boring notebook a lot more fun and unique by adding an embroidered design on the front. I personally love this pineapple.


6. Embroidered Tote Bag



Personalize a plain tote bag with any phrase or word you want. This is a great option, in my opinion.


7. Embroidered Blanket



Okay, maybe it’s not something you can wear, but an embroidered blanket is the cutest thing you can have for a picnic or beach day.


8. Embroidered Collar Necklace



A collar necklace is a really unique way to transform the look of a shirt or dress. Add embroidery in a floral pattern for a pretty touch.


9. Embroidered Necklace



If you’re feeling very artistic, draw a pattern on fabric, then fill it in with embroidery floss and turn it into an eye-catching piece of jewelry.


10. Embroidered Planter



Decorate your desk or your bedroom with a cute little wooden planter. Embroidery floss adds some unexpected color.


11. Embroidered Sun Hat



Use ribbon instead of floss for a more bold look.


12. Embroidered Cat Tote Bag



Grab a plain tote bag, then draw any design you want – I personally am obsessed with this sneaky little cat picture – and then fill it in with embroidery floss.


13. Embroidered Prints



Make any wall print look cooler and more personalized by adding embroidered phrases or quotes.


14. Embroidered Sneakers



Add lots of color and embellishments to a pair of sneakers for a look that’s perfect for summer.


15. Embroidered Desk Accessories



Add embroidery floss to boring desk accessories to spruce things up without spending a lot.


16. Embroidered Notebook



Give your school supplies some love with this cute design – or any design of your choice.


17. Embroidered Floral Sneakers



Embroidered flowers are an adorable, feminine way to add some color to your plain sneakers.


18. Embroidered Bag 



Want to take the easy way out? Cheat a little by gluing an embroidered patch onto anything, like this cute leather bag.

Which one of these embroidered accessories are you going to try to make? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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