WTF Is The “One Thicc Bih” Meme?

As much as I love the internet, I also hate it with a burning passion. Sure, Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs are the best, and wholesome memes are important, but there are some things I see on the internet that I wish I NEVER had to. And, right now, I really wish I had never seen the “one thicc bih” meme. If you don’t know what that is when, honestly, good for you, since this is a weird one, you guys. But, it’s my duty as your Internet Friend to tell you exactly what this meme is about, and show you some (really funny) examples.

If you haven’t heard of the app (it’s okay, neither did I) then you should know that it’s a basic video-making app that helps you put pictures into a video and add text and lyrics. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, it was innocent back in 2015 when the app first launched, but now it is a breeding ground for the “One Thicc Bih” meme. One Thicc Bih, I assume, means someone who is thicc, which is jut a weird way of saying that maybe they have a ~big! butt. But now, the word is being applied to other people, characters, and animated crustaceans. I don’t really know how else to explain it, so here are some examples of the “one thicc bih” meme. Sorry.

1. This…..disgrace.


2. Why are you getting the childhood faves involved?!




4. This is….ridiculous.


5. It is kind of funny to see how they pronounce the names, though.


6. Ugh.




8. This one is sad :/


9. Why do Spongebob characters keep getting involved?!


10. This is TOO MUCH.


11. I really don’t know what to say.


12. NO!


13. Wait, this one is sort of pure!




15. Look! We made our own!


What do you think of this weird meme? Tell us in the comments!

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