Here Is How Tweeting Can Get You Fired

In this day and age, it can be hard to police what goes down online, especially when it comes to Twitter. Many of us tend to think of Twitter as a safe space where we can be sarcastic, honest in a way we might not be in person, and a little bit silly, but, uh, maybe we should stop thinking that way. Adults have been going on for years about how what we do online isn’t a secret, and it’s always sounded lame and boring… until you hear about people ruining their lives (or portions of their lives) over things they’ve done online that they thought were private. For example: this happened over the weekend to a young writer. Katie McHugh was a writer at Breitbart, a right-wing site that is known for publishing ridiculous stories, until she was fired from her job for posting a super offensive, anti-Muslim tweet in reference to the London attacks that took place over the weekend. You can see the tweet below: 
Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.25.41 AMAnd, yes, as of this morning, the tweet is still there. Even her colleagues called her remarks “appalling” and “dumb”, which is a lot coming from a site that regularly writes about how women’s rights aren’t real. According to CNN, Katie has a history of posting racist and offensive remarks to Twitter, but this time it cost her her job.

Has this taught her anything about being racist and horrible? Katie insists that she was fired for “telling the truth” and is now trying to raise money for herself. On her fundraising page, she states that she is “not backing down and will not apologize for telling the truth. It’s time to let the losers on the Left and on the Right know that we will support the truth tellers that they try to silence.” Hm. Okay.

First of all, what this woman said is straight-up racist and disgusting. Also…what is she even talking about? This logic makes no sense. Some twitter users were quick to say some stats of their own:

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.47.00 AM


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.53.09 AM


So, to recap: this racist woman tweeted an offensive tweet, was fired from her already offensive job, and refuses to apologize or take responsibility for her actions. To top it all off, she is now asking for money. Honestly, I wish I was surprised, but I’m not. It’s good that she got fired, but we know that she will continue to make racist remarks and still get attention for it.

This is a good example of how people can and should be punished for saying things online that are hurtful and offensive to an entire religion. I doubt any of the smart readers would ever tweet something so, uh, messy, but it is important to realize that twitter is a public place that anybody can see, which means that if you say dumb things, you can get in trouble for them. Unless, of course, you’re the President.

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