7 TV Shows You Need To Binge Watch This Summer

Somehow, nearly half of this clusterf**k of a year is already over, and summer is creeping up on us quickly. Sure, you might be stressing about finding a last minute summer internship or job, copping an affordable bathing suit that actually fits your boobs properly, investing in a regular summertime hookup, creating a sleeping-all-day schedule…you know, the usual summer activities for the balmy months to come. But as busy as you might be, you’ll hopefully take a minute to just chill and do…nothing. That nothing could include creating some quality sleeping-literally-all-day time, but you should probably take some time to catch up with some TV shows you’ve been neglecting for a while.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love watching TV, I’m trash at keeping up with my shows. There’s always something else to do, people to see, deadlines to meet, drama in the group chat that I get wrapped up in…before I know it, that show I’ve been looking forward to watch gets the shaft. The show I watched a couple of episodes of and loved somehow gets pushed to the wayside. The program that every single one of my friends have been yelling at me to watch is, well, unwatched…and the only bits of the show I’m familiar with are in GIF form. If this sounds familiar, summertime is the perfect excuse to take a minute to just chill and watch a show you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Need some suggestions? Check out these seven TV shows you need to binge watch this summer. You won’t regret it, I promise.

What other shows should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jessica Knapp

    Watch “Class” on BBC America! It’s really good but totally underrated. It has a lot of representation, that is to say, it actually resembles real life better than most TV shows. There’s a boy whose family is Sikh, a Nigerian, extremely smart girl, a girl who has been the victim of trauma, a gay couple who aren’t just a token gay couple, a disabled woman. The show has tons of ethical/moral connundrums and it’s very entertaining. It is technically a spin-off of Doctor Who, but you don’t need to see Doctor Who to get it. It’s only 8 episodes so it won’t take for ever to binge.Please its second season is in Jeopardy, and it’s too good of a show to get cancelled.
    Trigger Warnings for the show:Blood/Gore, violence, guns, knives, suicide (mentioned), suicidal intentions, death, throwing up (only first episode)