18 Tips And Tricks On How To Get Volume In Your Hair

Some of this summer’s biggest beauty trends have been borrowed from the ’80s, and arguably the most accessible one is hair with lots of volume. Bright eye shadow and graphic eyeliner is fun, of course, but it’s also something you aren’t going to use every single day. Figuring out to add some oomph to your hair, though, is something you can use a whole lot more often. Let’s be real: any hairstyle usually looks better when it isn’t laying flat on your head.

I’ve been on a quest to get more volume in my hair for, uh, basically my whole life. I’ve learned a few tips in the last few years that have been super helpful, though, and so I’m now able to achieve the look more often. I have a lot of hair, but it’s quite fine, which makes it difficult to get volume with any staying power. Personally, I mainly rely on products to get the job done. Living Proof has this great Full Dry Volume Blast spray that works really well, and I also can’t get enough of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for texture and a serious lift. I also avoid putting a lot of conditioner in my roots, as that can weigh your hair down enough to make it look very flat and thin, and I spend most of my day rubbing my scalp vigorously with my fingers to add some oomph.

Maybe you want to find a way to get volume that doesn’t involve using products that can, admittedly, make your strands a little sticky feeling (even though they work). If that’s the case, the below tricks are all super helpful and definitely worth trying. Sometimes you need to experiment a bit, because what works for one person might not work for you. So, check out these tips on how to get more volume in your hair, so that you, too, can look like an ’80s queen this summer.

1. Learn how to blow out your hair the right way.



A lot of the time, great volume can start with a great blowout. If you’re doing it yourself, try this technique, which focus on pulling hair upwards to give it more volume.


2. Backcomb dry hair for a lift.



Backcombing, or teasing, is a fast way to get a lot of volume – and I mean a lot. Do it incorrectly, and you could end up with a tangled mess. Do it the right way, and you’ve got a serious lift.


3. Use hot rollers after blowing your hair out.



Hot rollers don’t just make waves or curls – they are also a great tool for volume, as they lift your hair at the root. Incorporate them into your routine for some oomph (the curls are a bonus).


4. Try flipping your hair over.



Pulling hair up at the roots is great for a boost, but for some serious volume, flip over and blow dry upside down. This creates a ton of volume in the beginning – so much that it’s almost scary – but it will fall nicely.


5. Test out this toothbrush hack:



If the thought of teasing is too intimidating, use a toothbrush. It gives a similar effect and is a little easier.


6. Get volume without blowing your hair out with hot rollers.



I find that letting my hair dry naturally makes it look super, super flat. If you feel the same way, you probably avoid doing that. But you can let it air dry AND get volume at the same time by using hot rollers after it’s dry.


7. Pin your hair up when it’s still hot.



No rollers? No problem. After blow drying a strand of hair, pin it up gently. Let your hair stay up like this for a while, and the volume will be amazing.


8. Tease smaller sections of your hair.



Teasing can be intimidating, but this tutorial is pretty simple to follow, and it definitely works.


9. Focus on just the top section of your hair.



If you’re low on time or you just want something a little more simple, focus on only the top section of your hair. Put the top section into rollers on the top of your head for a lift.


10. Try tiny buns. 



Putting your hair into little buns with some product is a great way to add texture and volume.


11. Cheat by just using clip-in extensions.



Extensions aren’t just about adding length – they also add volume and body. You can get clip-in extensions and use as little or as many as you want to create the look of a whole lot more hair.


12. Get the right products.



Certain hair products will give your strands a lot more oomph than others. These are just a few to have on hand.


13. Use dry shampoo for a lift at the roots.



Dry shampoo is great for getting rid of grease, but it also adds lots of volume. You don’t need to have dirty hair to use it!


14. Put hot strands into a loose bun.



One super easy way to create tons of volume is to put warm hair into a loose bun. Don’t make it too tight, or it will leave a mark – using large pins is your best bet.


15. Do a twisted bun over night.



Get volume after sleeping, or keep volume in your hair during the night, by doing a loose bun over night.


16. Want more oomph in a ponytail? Strategically use a clip.



This is ridiculously easy and gives the illusion of more volume.


17. You can also try the double pony trick.



This is another super simple way to make it look like you have thicker hair.


18. Try a different part.



Sometimes, the smallest change can make the biggest difference. If you always part your hair one way, start doing it differently – it will create volume immediately.

Which one of these tips are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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