People Are Freaking About These Photos Of Hilary Duff Because She Looks Thick

Another day, another random thing for Twitter users to freak out about – except this time, we’re kind of into it (we think). Two photos of Hilary Duff looking thick AF have been circulating on Twitter, and everyone is very, very into it. They are, as the cool kids like to say, “shook,” but in a good way, of course. Is it because she looks awesome and everyone wants to appreciate that? Is it because a lot of people still think of her as adorable Lizzie McGuire and this is the first time they’re seeing her in a long time? Is it because no one ever realized Hilary has curves? Or is it because social media is full of horny people with too much time on their minds? Probably a mix of all of these things, if we’re being honest.

In one photo, our girl Hilary is in a ~sexy~ pink dress and heels, her hair is on point, and her makeup is flawless. In the other one, she’s wearing a bikini and we can basically just see her butt. In both, she’s kind of giving off Kardashian/Jenner vibes… but it’s more appealing, because she’s Hilary Duff. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that she looks amazing, whether you’re comparing her to her Disney days or just noting how much of a queen she is:

It’s worth noting, though, that the images being circulated the most are the ones that have also been edited. It looks like someone Photoshopped the original paparazzi shot of the pink dress photo to make her butt look slightly bigger and a little bit more perky, as well as to make her arm look skinnier, and her face look more smooth. In the bikini photo, it’s pretty obvious that her butt has been enlarged and made to look unrealistically smooth (no butt dimples in sight). Of course, absolutely none of these edits needed to be made, because Hilary looks incredible in the original version as well – better, actually, because it’s real:

It is also worth noting that we kind of hate that such a big deal is being made over this photo of Hilary. Yes, it’s for positive attention, which is clearly much better than people saying something negative about her body. And yes, it’s nice that a celebrity is being praised for looking *thick* rather than unhealthy in some way, because it feels more body positive. But it’s also frustrating that, no matter what, this much attention will continue to be given to celebrities simply for the way their body looks, whether it’s a positive or negative thing. It’s also frustrating because this kind of thick body type isn’t exactly body positive in nature. Society praises thick women when they have curves in the right spots (hips, boobs, etc.) and are toned and trim in the right spots (tiny waist, sleek legs, etc.), but not really when they are thick all over. So… it’s fun to praise Hilary for looking incredible, since we are huge Hilary fans, but at the same time, it’s kind of frustrating that everyone cares so much.

All of that being said, some of the reactions to this photo of Hilary are too funny to ignore.

Most people are freaking out because they have *just* realized that Hilary is all grown up, despite the fact that she has been in the spotlight quite often since her Disney Channel days and she’s, like, 30 years old with a kid.


A lot of people are comparing her to the Kardashians:


A lot of people were worried when they first saw her trending and they’re just relieved nothing is wrong with her.


And tons of fans are like, “um, where have you all been?” Which is true because Hilary has always been flawless.


Some people are bringing Gordo into this, which only seems appropriate, TBH:


Some users are acting extra AF with their Hilary thirst. Kind of can’t blame them?


Others are pointing out that Hilary has always been thick and you’ve all been sleeping on her:


Someone had to bring this into the mix:


And this person sums it up pretty well:

What are your thoughts about these photos of Hilary Duff looking thick? Let us know in the comments.

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