7 Common Sex Positions That You Shouldn’t Try

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but odds are, if you are having sex in any way, shape, or form, you are putting yourself at some sort of risk. Whether it be risk of an STD, a bruised vagina (yikes!), or a bacterial infection, there are negatives that go along with getting down int he bedroom. There are the obvious dangers (the condom breaking), and then there are the less obvious – like certain sex positions that are more risky than you think. And, unfortunately, you probably do them all the time. Sorry. There are lots of popular sex positions out there that you probably shouldn’t try, because they can be more dangerous than you’d think – and I’m here to tell you what they are.


Of course, you don’t need to avoid these sex positions forever, and you don’t need to freak out if you’ve been doing them a lot. Hey, if you really like them, then keep doing them – just be careful and informed. Also, I know this sounds hypocritical, but I’m not trying to make you feel super paranoid about sex. It should still be fun and exciting! It’s just that I really believe you need to be aware of the crappy things that can happen if you aren’t careful. Take a look at these positions that you should be supppppper careful when doing, so you can have fun and be safe. Good luck!

Which of these positions have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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