You Won’t Believe What Apply Announced About iPhones Today

As you all know, Apple loves to make a big deal about things. They hold huge keynotes (AKA events) where they announce all their latest inventions. The latest keynote starts today, where they are expected to announce some new features and possibly products. Sometimes they go well, other times they announce things that piss people off (like, ahem, AirPods and taking away the headphone jack, just to name a few). We never really know what to expect from these events, but I can say with 100 percent certainty that they will announce something, probably.

Maybe it will be a new iPhone (is it too soon for the iPhone 8?!) or maybe they will add some cool features like the fireworks and confetti features on iMessage that I still haven’t figured out how to do. Some people have speculated that certain Apple computer models might be getting retired, while other believe that a new Siri-powered speaker will be announced at the event. I, for one, hope that they will be bringing back the limited edition Beverly Hills 90210 iPod nano, but I doubt that that is going to happen. Whatever the announcements are, we will be sure to update you as they happen, below.

Control Centers

If we’re being honest, the current control center is a little annoying. With the new update, the control center will look like this, so you can easily manage your music and other things from one screen:




You can now use Apple Pay the same way you use Venmo and pay your friends through iMessage. NICE.




Supposedly, Apple now offers a female AND male voice for Siri. There are also five new languages being added to Siri: Chinese, French German, Italian and Spanish, which is pretty cool if you are trying to learn a new language and want Siri to help you out.


There isn’t a huge update on this one, but later this year there is expected to be a major update to Apple TV that includes adding Amazon Prime Video streaming and a new Apple TV app.

watchOS 4

There are some minor updates coming to your Apple Watch this year, which includes a new way to track your workouts and manage your health by connecting with other products such as a Bluetooth glucose monitor.



New iPads
Yes, there are new iPads arriving this year, and it’s expected to be the best one yet, at 10.5 inches. It seems that Apple is trying to make iPads the new computers, by adding attachable keyboards and even letting you run multiple apps at once.

Are you going to get any of these updates? Tell us in the comments!

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