Doing This One Thing Could Get You Kicked Out Of College

If you are a college-bound high school senior, chances are good that you’ve spent some time thinking about exactly how much you can slack off without getting your college acceptance revoked. So, here is a good way to find out if you’re in danger: Are you creating and sharing racist memes online? If not, you’ll probably be just fine. But those who chose to do so might not be so lucky so lucky–according to the Harvard CrimsonHarvard College has rescinded acceptances for at least ten prospective students from the class of 2021 for trading “sexually explicit” memes in a private Facebook message thread.

The chat thread was a splinter from a private Facebook group message for prospective Harvard students who like memes (not the racist, sexist kind), called, at one point,“Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.” Some members of the group wanted to create another, more “R-rated” group for edgier content, so another group thread was created in which potential students posted memes to gain acceptance into the new group.

The memes appear to be pretty standard alt-right, edgelord, Neo-Nazi stuff such as jokes about certain ethnic and racial groups, finding sexual abuse of children “arousing,” and referring to the potential hanging of Mexican child as “piñata time” (all of which, it should be noted, are not things that should ever be considered “standard”).

As many people have pointed out, this is a good reminder that any division that may have once existed between one’s digital and IRL existence has more or less disappeared. As a result, online activity can carry serious real-life consequences–for example, a Republican congressman from New Hampshire was recently forced to resign after it was discovered that he was the creator and main moderator of the misogynistic “Red Pill” forum.

Our takeaway? This sucks the big one for the parents who posted a photo of their kid’s Harvard acceptance letter, only to later have to find out that it was revoked because their child made a racist meme (all that money spent on SAT tutoring, wasted!), and, to be fair, it probably also sucks for the edgelord community as a whole. But it’s pretty good news for most other people. Hopefully, this Harvard decision will set a precedent for other colleges around the country to make sure that edgelords stay far, far away from your college campus.

What do you think about Harvard’s decision? Do you think the prospective students should have gotten their acceptances rescinded? Let us know in the comments!

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