Can You Get Pregnant If He Comes On His Fingers, Then Touches Your Vagina?

Hi Heather,

Please reply ASAP – my boyfriend came on his fingers, then he touched my vagina a few minutes later. Is there any chance I could get pregnant?


When you start doing anything more than making out with someone, the threat of a possible pregnancy looms large. It’s hard not to start wondering if anything associated with semen can make you pregnant, especially when clothes are off, passion is involved, and things are, uh, messy. I totally get the paranoia. But here’s the thing: you can only pregnant if sperm makes its way inside of your vagina, goes up the cervix to your uterus, and then manages to fertilize an egg. The best chance of this happening is if he a guy comes inside of you. So, the chances of you getting pregnant if he came on his fingers and then touched you? Very small. Very, very small.

Now, I would feel irresponsible if I didn’t add a disclaimer that, of course, it’s probably possible to get pregnant if sperm is on his fingers and then his fingers go inside of you. Stranger things have happened. Medical stuff can be weird AF, and of course, it is possible that something like this could cause an unplanned pregnancy. Sperm can stay alive for much longer than you think – the myth that they die the second they hit the air is just that, a myth – and maybe it’s possible that they’ll be on his fingers and then get inside of you and fertilize your egg.

BUT. But. That possibility is so, so, so small. It probably will not happen! I’m not a doctor, but I would say that you have a 99 percent chance of that not happening – especially if he waited a few minutes before touching your vag. If he came on his fingers and then immediately stuck them inside of you, that might be slightly more urgent, but… you’re probably safe.

Now, please listen to me: don’t do this again. What, exactly, is the point of him coming on his hand if he’s going to then stick the stuff inside of you? It… doesn’t make sense. The next time you guys are fooling around, have him finish elsewhere, and if that place is his hand, then have him wash or at least clean off his hand before touching your vaginal area, okay? That’s the smartest thing you can do so that you don’t end a hookup with a complete panic attack.

Also: please use some form of birth control. A condom, birth control pills, an IUD… something. If you’re fooling around with someone like this, you need to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, and birth control is really your best bet. It’s a safety net, and it will help make you feel less anxious.

If you’re still freaking out about being pregnant and refusing to listen to me trying to calm you down, then wait a few weeks and take a pregnancy test. But try not to panic. For what it’s worth, I think you’re okay.

Good luck!

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