You Need To Do This To Your Boobs This Summer

If you’ve gone on Instagram fairly regularly in the past few weeks, chances are good that you have noticed one fashion trend in particular: shirts featuring things on boobs (I do not know a more eloquent way to explain these tees). Not, like, nipple pasties or cut-outs that actually have something covering your boobs, but graphic tees where the graphics are strategically placed to be sit right over your boobs. They’re being worn by models, celebrities, influencers, and ~normal~ people, and they are cool. They make a statement. They’re fun, cheeky, and sassy. And you should absolutely buy one, because you need to do this to your boobs. I mean, I guess you’re not actually doing anything to your boobs, you’re just kind of… whatever, you get it.

So, why do you need to wear shirts with graphics over your breasts? Well, for one thing, they look very cute and trendy in a way that doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard, but you still know all of the *trends.* For another thing, they make a statement. And yes, it is true that some have issue with this statement – one Racked writer says, “It annoys me because the whole ‘free the nipple’ shirt thing plays into this new brand of faux feminism where it’s trendy to pay $80 or more on merch that’s exploiting how fed up we all are with the men in power making decisions that affect our bodies and our wallets.” This writer makes an excellent point – it’s that certain brand of feminist that irks a lot of people because it seems silly and frivolous, and makes you seem like an activist when you haven’t actually done anything.

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But, at the end of the day, I also think feeling that way is giving these shirts a little too much credit. I don’t know why they came about, but I don’t think they are supposed to be quite so sinister, and hey – maybe they were never even meant to be feminist at all. Maybe they’re just supposed to be fun.

And I do think they’re fun! I think it’s nice that, instead of trying to hide our bodies, women are showing them off. These shirts call attention to your breasts, but it’s not in an offensive way or a completely in-your-face way. They’re silly and weird and I guess we could be negative about them, but I choose to be positive about them. That said, here are a few you should purchase if you want to do this to your boobs this summer:

1. Hands/Heart Tee


Buy from Etsy for $25.53

There will be zero confusion as to what you’re trying to do here if you wear this t-shirt. So, if you’re not afraid to be a little bold, get this. It’s cute!


2. Mermaid Bodysuit


Buy this from Forever 21 for $14.90

These open shells featuring a tiny little pearl are… pretty suggestive. And they kind of resemble boobs in a weird way? But they’re perfect for anyone who loves the beach.


3. Censored Tee


Buy this from Femininitees for $36

This is very clearly a play on censorship – the x’s mimic the little x’s often put over naked boobs. As Racked notes, it’s a little too reminiscent of the whole “free the nipple” thing, but there’s this: A portion of all proceeds is donated to the National Organization for Women working towards a new movement toward true equality for all women in America. So, that’s nice!


4. Flower Power Tee


Buy this from Etsy for $25.99

These colorful flowers know exactly what they’re doing, but they also have enough of a cute and bright hippie vibe that they somehow don’t seem offensive.


5. Mouth Off Tee


Buy this from Nasty Gal for $30

At a quick glance, these just look like hearts – but up close, you can see they are open mouths, probably yelling at a meninist.


6. Cherry Graphic Mesh Top


Buy this from Forever 21 for $12.90

To be honest, it’s difficult to make out these blobs as cherries, but… it’s cute nonetheless. And it’s a fun bathing suit coverup.


7. Ganni Peach Tee


Buy this from Garmentory for $67.20

This is a bit confusing, because we all know that the peach is supposed to represent your butt… right? But it’s on your boobs? Okay.


8. Super Soft Scoop Tee


Buy this from Victoria’s Secret for $26.95

Pineapples, because why not?


9. Pizza Tee


Buy this from Etsy for $30

I mean, you had to know that there was going to be a pizza version of this. You had to. It’s, like, a rule of Internet clothing.


10. Rainbow Patch Bodysuit


Buy this from Forever 21 for $14.90

This is actually quite adorable, especially for a bodysuit. It’s weirdly innocent for that placement.


11. Rainbow Twins Tee


Buy this from for $44

Or, if you would prefer a t-shirt over a bodysuit, this rainbow top exists – and it is just as adorable.


12. Screw You Tee


Buy this from Shop Nylon for $40

If you’re not in the mood for anyone, wear this shirt. They’ll get the message.


13. Strappy Back Tank


Buy this from Victoria’s Secret for $32.95 

There are a few different options of this tank with different graphics for different cities, so… if you’re into it, check it out.


14. Sloth Tee


Buy this from Etsy for $26

Yes, there is one with sloths, because… why not?


15. Scrambled Egg Tee


Buy this from Etsy for $25

Why do I like this?

Which one of these shirts is your favorite? Are you into this boob trend or not? Share in the comments.

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