25 Tumblr Posts You’ll Laugh At If You’re Shy And Awkward

If you were to ask me to describe myself in a few adjectives, two of them would definitely be “shy” and “awkward.” I don’t just say this because, at the moment, it’s kind of cool to be awkward and shy. I say this because I genuinely have difficulty with social interactions (and if you don’t believe me, I was even voted Most Shy in high school, so it’s safe to say that I am LEGIT). I am terrible at small talk. I babble like an idiot if I haven’t mentally rehearsed what to say ahead of time. I don’t love parties. I always seem to say the wrong thing, or something stupid, and I regularly lay in bed torturing myself over these things.

Being shy and awkward is hard! Luckily, it can also be hilarious. My stories about being a socially inept weirdo keep my friends very entertained, and even I have to laugh at myself sometimes. And if you are also shy and awkward, you get it. You get that it’s hard and annoying and frustrating, but it’s also funny, mainly because if you don’t see the humor in it, you will never let yourself out of the house. Anyway, other people who get it are people on Tumblr. These posts about being shy and awkward will make you cry from laughter, because they just get you, you know? Enjoy!

2. This is an actual representation of you:



2. When you’re sick of being labeled:



3. When you finally say something and this happens:



4. You attempting to get involved:



5. Or when you don’t even attempt and you just sit there like:



6. This lovely feeling:



7. When you’re just not in the mood for people:



8. Doing something awkward like this:



9. When you want to get invited but you have no idea how to get yourself invited:



10. Growing up wasn’t quite what you expected…



11. True:



12. When you’re awkward and anxious but not shy:



13. You being abandoned:



14. Whenever you’re particularly exhausted, your brain does this:



15. You feel like this a lot:



16. When you know the socially acceptable window of time to laugh is closed, but you want to laugh anyway:



17. When you’re too shy to ever come off as TOO much of any kind of emotion:



18. You interacting with your crush:



19. The smallest mistake can make you feel more awkward:



20. When you awkwardly get too over-enthusiastic:



21. The real reason you’re not confrontational:



22. This applies to a lot of things, actually:



23. You being social:



24. This describes your life:



25. You flirting:


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? Are you shy or awkward or both? Share in the comments!

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