If You Live In This State, It’s Basically Going To Be Impossible To Get An Abortion Soon

Another day, another massive abortion restriction from the state of Texas.

Last week, the Texas state senate approved a bill, known as SB8, to further limit women’s choice in a state that already limits them pretty heavily. This new bill contains a litany of abortion regulations that appear to bring the state one step closer to banning abortion altogether.

Texas lawmakers have been tightening the noose on abortion rights for years now (remember Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster to try and block abortion restrictions in 2013?), but this law is the “most stringent and most important anti-abortion bill” to date, according to the Dallas Observer.

Its “highlights” include:

  1. Requiring abortion providers to bury or cremate women’s fetal and embryonic tissue
  2. Banning the donation of fetal tissue for medical research (it was already illegal to sell it, but now clinics can’t even donate much-need fetal tissue for research)
  3. Making it so that anyone who assists with the abortion–whether it’s the doctor who performs it or someone who drives the person to the clinic–can be charged with a crime, based on another existing Texas law that holds anyone who assists with lawbreaking “criminally responsible”
  4. Banning a procedure that anti-choice vigilantes call “dismemberment abortions” or “partial birth abortions,” which is a non-medical term for a procedure called “dilation and extraction”

Beyond the legal ramifications of the bill, this bill’s main intention appears to be attempting to stigmatize abortion more than it already is in Texas. Everything from forcing people to bury fetal tissue to referring to a common medical procedure as “dismemberment” is a good way to convince people that abortion is an evil practice when, in reality, it’s just another medical procedure. (Referring to The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Puritan view of women’s rights is pretty trite at this point, but, in truth, a bill that punishes someone for driving their friend to get an abortion really does seem like something straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale. Right?)

This bill has been passed, but it still requires a signature from Texas governor Greg Abbot to go into effect. Abbot is expected to sign, but, in the meantime, if you don’t want this to actually become a law, it certainly can’t hurt to call his office a few hundred times (or so) to let him know how you feel about it.



What do you think of this new bill? Let us know in the comments!

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We Might Finally Be Getting Rid Of This Sexist AF Law

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  • Jacob Seavello

    Lol by ‘states’ what this article REALLY means is ‘Texas’…

    This article is watered down with SO much far left pro choice moosh, it’s surprising that more of them ain’t braindead.

    First of all abortion is one of the most ‘barbaric’, ‘archaic’, and ‘out-dated’ practices of the medical world; the only difference is that people don’t have to wait until the kid is born anymore to smash their head open with the preverbial rock.

    Abortion itself is as much a ‘standard medical procedure’ as removing ones kidney or a piece of once liver… it is removing a piece of flesh from the mothers body, which causes both mental and physical trauma to the mother and of course kills the child.

    Lastly, abortion is treated in the same fashion we treat butchery, key examples of this are how we objectify babies in the same way we objectify butchered animals (ie cow=beef, chicken=poultry, pig=pork, lamb=mutton and aparently baby=fetus). The also use more acceptable terms for the procedure to market it as a less brutal activity as to not stifle the market for it (ie butchering vs killing and in medical terms ‘aborting’, ‘terminating’, or ‘removing’ vs murdering, killing). Abortion itself has gone from a necessary evil, into a socially acceptable practice due to the dehumanizing effect it has had on society over the last 40 years.

    All abortion is really catering to is three things in society, 1) people’s overblown need to justify EVERYTHING they can or can not do in society. 2) fostered nothing but irresponsiblity in a society driven by self-serving notions of ‘if it stands in your way, get rid of it’ and ‘there is always a preverbial ‘RESET button’. 3) cheapens the value of human life, and destroys our appreciation for it as a whole.

    Frankly I find it alarming that when a person who claims to be pro-choice see’s a woman get an abortion they applaud, and yet when an elderly person is beat to death in the streets they cry out for justice, because two people died that day, the only problem is that to pro-choice supporters, ONLY ONE of those lives mattered…

    • Sara Hendricks

      why are you on this website

      • Jacob Seavello

        Why are you?

        The point I’m making is that if you are going to inform people about a topic 1) keep the headline 100% truthful to the material. 2) use factual information, not just regurgitated facts taken from a movement website, and 3) conflicting opinions are what lead to constructive arguments vs close-minded biases.

        And while reading your article all I can read is the bias which it is swimming in. So I would ask you if you personally have experience with abortions, maybe had one yourself? If not, then the next logical question is WHAT makes you an expert on them? If you have the next question would be WHAT was YOUR reason for getting one… which I guarantee wasn’t personal safety or a rape related incident. Unless you lie to me, but then again I couldn’t possibly know that either…

        Do you even know what an abortion does to a woman? Have you ever asked yourself that question beyond the pro-life question or argument? Better yet, have you ever had a kidney removed? But if you want a closer arguement, have you ever miscarried?

        The point is I’m trying to point out the FACT that EVERYONE seems to be an expert, but ignores key facts like the most important argument in this whole scenario… the health and well-being of the mother…

        Now if we also ignore the fact that most abortions are utilized to line the pockets of greedy companies who perform them, which STILL BTW target middle to lower middle class and even those in poverty stricken neighborhoods, then black community especially. And yet ironically the activity itself is being glorified by the upper middle class or above and social elites who have never even had an abortion or even consider one due to their obvious disconnection between the rich and the poor. Especially with such radical statements like ‘sometimes the ONLY option for SOME women (psst they mean poor or black women) is abortion’.

        Now if anything I have said is ‘untrue’ please, please… don’t was me WHY I am here…