This Student Missed His Graduation, So The People On The Subway Gave Him One

If you’re familiar at all with the classic TV sitcom Full House, I’m sure you remember that one episode where Uncle Jesse finally graduates high school after dropping out when he was a teenager. Except, on the way to the graduation ceremony, the train gets stuck, in a typical ’90s style sitcom situation, and they are unable to make the ceremony. So, they throw a mini-commencement right there underground. Of course, this is a TV show, so none of us really took it seriously. That is until earlier this week when this situation ACTUALLY happened IRL.

Jerich Marco Alcantara was heading to his graduation on Tuesday when the E train in New York City broke down. For almost TWO HOURS. Imagine being stuck sweating and itching in a cap and gown underground while your friends all celebrate their graduation? That sucks, to put it lightly. Luckily, some nice subway riders decided to make the best of the situation.


A 26-year-old named Nadiya Afzal decided to take matters in her own hands. She heard Jerich talking about how he was graduating from nursing school and was currently missing the ceremony. So, they decided to throw him a mini-graduation, right there on the E train, in front of a ton of strangers. Complete with a speaker playing “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day, Jerich accepted a “diploma” which was really just a note written on somebody’s phone:



According to NYMag, Jerich left his house at 9:15, but didn’t end up making it to the ceremony until 11:45 am, a full hour and 45 minutes after the ceremony had started. As someone who has had many plans ruined by public transportation, I can relate. But, with a little help from the other riders, Nadiya threw a last-minute graduation for Jerich that seemed a lot more fun than a real graduation, TBH. You can watch the ceremony here:

Honestly, this is a pretty heartwarming story. Sure, being stuck in the subway SUCKS, especially if you’re on your way to a huge ceremony, like your college graduation. Graduating college is a big deal, and not being able to experience that because of train issues sucks! But, the fact that there were people who were willing to take a few minutes to celebrate this kid’s accomplishment is pretty awesome. I’m sure everyone was cranky and upset, but this was a nice thing for them to do, and I’m sure that Jerich really appreciated it. Plus, who else can say their college graduation went viral?!

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