This Wholesome Instagram Account Is Literally The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Last night, while I was half-watching some bad reality TV and scrolling through Twitter–as I am known to do–when I came across a tweet that just might have changed my life. It was a screenshot of an Instagram account of a man named Sindhu, who runs a food store in London called Bathu Food and Wine. But my description won’t do him justice–you have to see the real thing:

Did you read the caption? Please read the caption. If, for whatever reason, you can’t read it, it says:

“Happy Wednesday everyone, enjoy yourselves, grab some beer, I don’t drink alcohol and I think it is very bad for people especially most of my customers that walk in and look very ill and buy it in the mornings, those people have serious problems and will probably die soon. But you should enjoy maybe one beer, I’m not sure, but anyway it can’t be that bad to just have one beer, I see some people are fine and drink alcohol occasionally and it seems fine. Yes maybe just have a single can of beer today or another day, it doesn’t matter which day but it should probably be only for one day or maybe 2 days per week. Sindhu”

I cannot fully explain why, but looking through Sindhu’s Instagram account makes my heart hurt in a very particular kind of way, like it is being squeezed and released by a gentle giant who has very strong hands. This is partially because I suspect that the whole thing might be an elaborate performance art piece (working on the internet has made me skeptical of all things that initially appear to be good and pure, and, besides, the entire account was only started a month ago) but partially because the whole account, if it is real, serves as proof that Sindhu is the only good person left on the planet.

For example, he wears flowers on his shirt because his heart is full of joy:

He ate expired food to make sure that he’s selling his customers quality products:

This ended up making him so sick that he had to cure his upset stomach not with medicine, but with this inspired combination of food:

And, when Sindhu realized that he had a platform, he used better than anyone else would have, probably:

Anyway, people are really into him:

Sindhu’s Instagram ratio now reflects this sudden outpouring of love–today, his account gained at least ten thousand followers. I do not think I will be following Sindhu myself today, as I do not wish to see when he starts posting sponsored posts and shilling branded “SindhuWorld” t-shirts in the vein of Ken Bone (which, to be fair, is his right to do), nor do I wish to see the moment when, as with almost all things related to internet culture, the duck is found to be racist.

No, I will just remember Sindhu the way I imagine him to be right now–pure, wholesome, a proponent of disastrous food combinations that should not ever be consumed by any human on this earth, and, of course, forever unfettered by the darkness of the world around him.


What do you think about this Instagram account? How does it make you feel? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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