17 Unique DIY Ways To Update Your Sandals This Summer

It is finally time to stow our boots away (for a little while) and wear sandals. I love a good pair of boots, but I love sandals even more. They’re less bulky and suffocating, and I just find them to be more comfortable and fun in general. The only major downside when it comes to sandals, for me at least, is that they don’t seem to wear very well. Even if you spend a lot on your sandals, they get worn out quickly – it’s probably a combination of the extra time you spend outside during warmer months, the sun, and the fact that they’re usually more flimsy. Whatever it is, they tend to fade, break, or just start to look kind of crappy after one season.

This isn’t ideal, especially if you have a pair that fit really well and feel super comfortable. If your favorite pair of sandals looks bad, though, you don’t need to throw them away – just update them with some crafty touches. There are so many cute ways to update your old sandals that it’s a crime not to try at least one of them. You can also buy really cheap sandals, and then fix them up to make them your own – this is a much better option than dropping a few hundred on a trendy pair that will inevitably fall apart. So, if you’re interested, here a few unique DIY ways to update your sandals this summer. You’re welcome!

1. Chain Sandals



Give any pair of sandals a little bit of an ~edge~ with some gold chainlink embellishments. It’s easy and fast, and automatically makes your sandals look cooler.


2. DIY Espadrilles



Using a little rope and glue, you can turn any boring wedges into summery espadrilles. You can add more embellishments and color if you want, but they look good even with just the rope.


3. Fluffy Slides



These furry slides were made popular by celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, but you don’t need to spend a lot to get your own. Just make them!


4. Jeweled Sandals



Add any kinds of loose jewels to your sandals for a pretty and glittery embellishment. You can even cut up old jewelry to use for this if you want to get really crafty.


5. Pom Pom Sandals



If you have a pair of lace-up sandals like these, add some embellishments, like pom poms and beads, for a really cool boho look.


6. Stitched Sandals



Add some stitching in any pattern and color you want for really impressive looking DIY sandals.


7. Rope Tassel Flip Flops



Transform cheap flip flops with a little bit of rope and some tassels. Do any color you want, and you can even add more embellishment if you want something flashier.


8. Tassel Heeled Sandals



Turn a pair of open toe sandals into something much cooler by making them lace-up, with tassels.


9. Ankara Print Sandals



Add a gorgeous print like this one to any pair of sandals you own for something seriously unique.


10. Metallic Birkenstocks



If you’re bored of your Birkenstocks, try spray painting them to make them metallic or something colorful. You can really do this with any type of sandal, though.


11. Bow T-Strap Sandals



Use ribbon and glue to make t-strap sandals look more feminine and eye-catching.


12. Friendship Gladiator Sandals



Colorful embroidery floss can be wrapped around thin sandal straps to form a cool pattern and hide any scuffs.


13. Fabric Sandals



Cover up an old pattern you don’t like or something that looks destroyed with a piece of fabric and some paint.


14. Floral Sandals



Use fake flowers to transform t-strap sandals into something that will really make a statement.


15. Gem Sandals



Attach bright neon gems to your sandals for something colorful and fun.


16. Pom Pom Lace Up Sandals



Bright pom poms and embroidery can transform boring sandals instantly.


17. Tassel Sandals



Make a removable tassel accessory that you can easily attach to any sandal – it’s so versatile and a cool way to shake up your look without doing anything permanent.

Which one of these sandals is your favorite? How do you update old sandals? Let us know in the comments.

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