Is It Safe To Masturbate Using The Bath Faucet?

If you put “new masturbation tips” into Google, you’ll probably get some very hot results. And I’m sure that some of them will be from your friends here at Gurl. You will probably come across tips for masturbating in the shower and bath, and there will be someone waxing poetic about the benefits of using a faucet to masturbate with, but is it actually safe?

These questions are normal! But, chances are, you don’t exactly feel comfortable talking about them with your family or even your friends. (I mean, right?) But this is where we come in–you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out everything you need to know about masturbating with the bath faucet here:
Hold up, what do they even mean by using the bathroom faucet to masturbate with?

Masturbating in the bath (or shower for that matter) usually involves using the flow of water to stimulate your clit. That means taking advantage of faucets and shower heads, if you know what I mean.

So, you’re not actually putting the faucet up there?

Nope. This does not involve trying to put the bathroom faucet up your cooch. Because, really, how pleasant would that actually be? It’s about using that water flow to help get you off.

Phew. What about the pressure? My bath faucet seems intense…

For some, that is part of the appeal. It’s also why some people cannot get enough of shower heads and faucets where you can adjust the water pressure, depending how intense you like things.
And what about the temperature of the water?

That’s obviously one of the things that you have to be careful of when you’re masturbating. Make sure it isn’t steaming hot when it comes out, and definitely check it with your hands before you do anything else with it. Otherwise, you might burn yourself.


And is it good to have all of that water spraying down on my vagina? Surely some of it must get all up in there?

Having water going into your vag definitely isn’t good. That’s why you do not want to be aiming the flow of water from the faucet inside your vag. Using the faucet to masturbate with can mimic douching and we know that isn’t the greatest because it gets rid of the healthy bacteria in your vagina. And the same thing can happen when you’re masturbating with water. This can result in yeast infections or other infections.

Can the flow of water damage my vagina? Can it distort its shape?

It may not lead to any permanent damage on a physical level, but you can end up with some infections, plus some not-so-great stuff can happen.


What other things can happen?

A rare-but-serious thing that can happen is an air embolism. This is caused when the flow of water forces air up your vag and creates a pocket. The pocket of air can then enter your blood stream. If it reaches your brain, lungs, or heart, that can cause serious damage. Think stroke, brain damage, or a heart attack. Obviously, this is super rare–it’s almost certainly not going to happen to you–but it’s something to be aware of all the same.

What happens if I do get water up my vagina?

Most of it will “flush” away when you stand up, but of course, it could leave you with some of the not-so-nice stuff as mentioned above.

Will my vagina be leaking water throughout the day?

No, thankfully that won’t happen. If you do masturbate in the bath, most of the water will be gone when you get out. You can thank gravity for that.


If I still want to try it, do you have any tips?

As I said before, do not aim the water directly inside your vagina. And make sure that you’re very careful about the temperature. It’s better to start things off cool to keep it safe. If you have a water system that’s difficult to regulate the temperature, it might be safer to stick with other masturbation methods.

It will also take a bit of shimmying and moving around to position your vag just so under the tap. And be aware that it might not be the most comfortable position in the world, especially for your back.

Oh, and keep things quick. You don’t want your family or roommates to wonder why the water bill is suddenly so high. Try explaining that one.

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