What Is “Covfefe?” Check Out Everything You Need To Know About The President’s New Word Here

What the heck is a “covfefe?” This is a question that, over the past twelve hours or so, you have likely asked, found the answer to, and, of course, grown violently sick of. But, if you don’t know (I’m jealous!), all you have to know is this: Basically, at 12:06 AM on Wednesday, May 21, Donald J. Trump — the leader of the free world — posted a message to Twitter that read, simply, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” And that was it. Seriously:



This tweet is not remarkable, exactly, for its baffling content (the president has tweeted and deleted typos in the past, also, the word was almost certainly supposed to be “coverage”) (right?) but more so for the fact that it stayed up for such a long time. The hours went by, one after another, and many Twitter users clamored to define the term themselves. And, since it was already late, the people who stayed up to see the tweet to its bitter end stayed up really late, which made the tweets grow more frothy and more hysterical with each passing hour:






Now, I do not wish to contribute to the already over-crowded hot take ecosystem by adding my own to the mix. But. This whole thing reminds me of a Tumblr post I saw once (I know, shut up) that, in many ways, sums up this entire ordeal:


I am the acid rain! Basically, this whole covfefe meme serves to trivialize something that we can’t really afford to trivialize right now — it’s easy to laugh at Trump, especially when eh does stuff like this, but this does not take away the fact that, as we laugh, Trump and his cronies are working hard (so, mostly his cronies, then) to strip humans of their basic rights.

Still, the tweets are funny, and each one comes with the added bonus of knowing that Trump, who is probably tracking the “covfefe” tag on Twitter as we speak, is seething more and more with every joke at his expense that he sees. But what can he tweet, now, that will ever overshadow “covfefe?” And, of course, it’s possible to think that “covfefe” is hilarious while also acknowledging that Trump’s presidency has been and will continue to be an abomination for human rights, the environment, and the United States’ reputation abroad.

In any case, the original tweet was eventually deleted about six hours later.  Upon its deletion, Trump tweeted this, to make it appear as though this little meme was his idea all along:

No one is fooled by that, right? Good. Don’t fall for it. But, it is a good word! So, Covfefe to all, and to all a Covfefe.


What do you think of “covfefe?” Are we all doomed to perish in acid rain soon? Let us know in the comments!

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