Quiz: What Is Your Sex Style?

If you’re a person with a vagina, odds are good that you might want to have sex at some point in your life. Maybe you even have had sex, which is cool. Sex is fun! Keep doin’ it! As long as you’re being safe, of course. That brings us to this very important question: did you know that certain things you do during sex contribute to your signature sex style? You might be acting upon lots of tips you’ve read about, but you probably didn’t realize that there are very specific things about the way you hook up. That’s not a bad thing! You have a specific way that you have sex, and you should OWN that way. But how do you figure out your sex style? You start with an internet quiz, of course.

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Maybe you’re the type of girl who lets someone else do all the work when it comes to sex. Or, maybe you are all about the foreplay and not so much the sex part. Maybe you love being on top. All of these factors, and more, contribute to showing exactly what your style is when it comes to sex. Maybe you’re shy IRL, but you’re a ~freak in the sheets~ (sorry for using that term, but it works). Whatever you are, you should take this quiz and find out, so you can know a little bit more about yourself when it comes to your sex life.

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