Get Excited: Period Emojis Might Actually Be A Thing

If there is one thing we should all know about emojis, it’s that they have been aiming to be more inclusive over the past few months. Gone are the days of basic heterosexual white emojis, with only white blonde or brunette people to choose from – now we have same sex couples and people of every race and color represented in emoji form. Aside from a better representation of people, emojis are covering more food and animals – we now have avocados, unicorns, and tacos, to name a few… you know, all the important things. And while these additions have been great, there are still some things missing: like period emojis.

Maybe you haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about the possibility of period emojis, but let’s be real: wouldn’t they be great? I mean, how awesome would it be if we had little symbols to use when we’re having our “fun” “gift” from mother nature? Aside from, of course, the red circle/dot that has no other purpose but to maybe signify blood. Well, one organization is trying to make them happen, and honestly, I am here for it.

Plan International is a non-profit organization that aims to support girls and young women, and their latest project is making period emojis. If you go to their website, you have the option to vote for which period-moji you like the best. There are five options right now: drops of blood, a period calendar, underwear, a pad, and a uterus. As of right now, the underwear one is winning, but you have until Friday to pick your favorite one.  You can see the options below:



This campaign isn’t just adorable (who knew blood droplets could be so cute?), it also aims to break the taboo that comes along with periods. I mean, over 800 million people get their periods every month. It’s time to talk about it! Instead of pretending they don’t exist, we should acknowledge periods, and if an emoji helps us talk about it more, I’m all for it! Just think, if you’re feeling crappy and one of your friends texts you to go out, you can just reply with a simple period emoji to let them know you’re not feeling too hot and would rather stay in. Honestly, this is a pretty good idea!

I know it seems silly, but emojis have really made their way into our everyday lives and culture, so it only makes sense for them to get real. I mean, there is an emoji movie coming out soon. Yes, it’s weird and there is no way I am going to see that movie, but it just goes to show that we are all adapting when it comes to how we talk about things. I don’t mean to get ~linguistic~ on you all, but language evolves, and emojis are just another way that we do that, by allowing period emojis, it will let us to talk about these things more freely.

Obviously, there are still some more things that can be done to make emojis more inclusive, breaking the period stigma is a pretty good start! Next, we should advocate for some safe sex emojis. Seriously, why aren’t condom or IUD emojis a thing? Let’s make that happen. Remember to vote for your favorite period emoji here!
Which of these emojis is your fave? What other emojis do you want to make? Tell us in the comments!

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