11 Embarrassing Questions About Swallowing, Answered

If you’ve ever sexted with a teen guy, chances are pretty good that you’ve been asked this incredibly important, touching, and sensitive question: “spit or swallow?” If you are anything like 13-year-old me, you read this question and immediately blushed, because although you had literally, literally, no clue what it was about, you knew it was something inappropriate. Then, you went online and Googled it, because asking someone about this thing obviously everyone except you understands is mortifying, and you discovered a world that is, uh, kind of terrifying. Asking someone your embarrassing questions about swallowing after a blowjob? No thanks.

That’s why we’re. You’ll be comforted to know that I am no longer 13 and I now understand what swallowing means, so I can give you more insight into the issue (this is as far as personal stories go in this particular article!). You can totally ask your friends these questions, or even the horny guy asking you about it, but if you’re more comfortable listening to a stranger on the internet, I do not blame you! No matter what weird question you’ve had about what to do when a guy finishes during a blowjob, we have an answer for you. Also: please don’t feel like you need to respond to that question from that pervy dude. You do not.

How Bad Does It Actually Taste?

The first thing most women wonder when they think about swallowing is - understandably - the taste. After all, it doesn't seem like something that would taste good or pleasant in any way, and it doesn't help that a lot of people complain about it. So, what does it ACTUALLY taste like?

The taste of semen actually varies depending on the diet of the dude - something we'll get to in a little bit (be patient!). But in general, it's not... well, it's not ideal. It's salty and, uh, different. If you want more details, this Thought Catalog article is pretty informative. Among other things, it's described as tasting like "fresh oysters," "creamy chlorine," (gag) "soap," "salty mushrooms," "bad sour cream," and "tasteless."

So while it varies, it's safe to say it's probably never going to be your favorite taste in the world. Or maybe it will be! Who knows! Anyway, the moral of the story is this: it's not a great taste (if there is a taste), but it shouldn't be so awful that you're dry heaving.

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What's The Consistency Like?

Sure, the taste of semen is important, but almost as important, if not more, is the consistency. The only thing worse than tasting something disgusting is feeling something disgusting in your mouth, and... ugh, I'm gagging. Anyway. The consistency of semen is another thing many girls wonder about, and for good reason! If it's the type of thing you've never tried before, then you have no idea what to expect.

In the same Thought Catalog article, a lot of people describe the texture as well. It's called "slimey," similar to "raw oysters," "creamy," "really thick," and like "seawater." So, uh, do with that what you will, but again, the general gist is this: it's not a great consistency, but it's also not the worst thing in the entire world.

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Is There A Lot Of It?

Whether you've watched porn or you've just imagined scenarios in your head, you might assume that a lot of stuff comes out of a penis when a guy orgasms. And sometimes this is true, but like so many other things out there, it depends and can vary widely. When some guys come, there's a lot of semen. For some guys, there isn't as much. Sometimes if a guy masturbated early or the day before, there won't be as much. Sometimes if he hasn't, uh, relieved himself in a long time, there is a whole lot more than usual. So, the frustrating answer here is this: it depends! Sorry 🙁

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Is Not Swallowing Considered Impolite?

As teenagers, my friends and I talked a lot about sex stuff we weren't entirely familiar with, trying to figure it out before actually going through the motions, as teens do. We also loved to talk about it with people who were older, wiser, and more experienced. And so it was this way that we were told that choosing not to swallow is impolite. An older girl told us that if we gave a guy a blowjob and refused to swallow, it would be pretty similar to spitting in his face. She said he would consider it rude, mean, and insulting, and we probably wouldn't hear from him again. Cool!

To be fair, this girl probably thought this because a dude told her and she didn't know any better, so I don't think she was trying to steer us down the wrong path on purpose. But she was wrong. While I am sure there are some insufferable men out there who find it incredibly insulting if a woman doesn't swallow his semen, most guys do not think it is the most rude thing you can do during sex. In fact, a lot of guys are amazed when women do choose to swallow, and they aren't surprised when they don't want to. Even the dudes know it can be less than fun.

That said, there's no reason to be a jerk about choosing not to swallow. Don't say something like, "hell no!" or make a face and say, "Gross." Think about how you would feel if you asked a guy to go down on you and he said, "Gross, no way. I don't want to taste your lady juices." You would feel insulted and sad and probably really self-conscious. As long as you're nice about it (i.e. saying "no thanks! Not my thing"), they won't be offended. And if they are? Not the man for you, friend.

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What Do Guys Like Better: Spitting or Swallowing?

Ah, the eternal debate: spitting or swallowing. Like so many other sexual stuff, this is entirely up to one's preference, and so again, the answer can vary. Generally speaking, the majority of men out there seem to like swallowing best. A lot of guys find it to be a huge turn-on, mainly because of porn but also because... well, I don't know, to be honest with you, I guess they just like it.

Of course, there are plenty of guys who like when a girl spits as well, I'm sure - although, to be honest, I haven't met any of them (or if I have, they have not disclosed this information, which is very possible!). But the main thing to remember is this: most guys really love oral sex, so where they finish isn't the most important part of the deal - they're usually just happy you were down there at all. Also, you're the one doing this job, so you don't need to pick which to do based on what HE likes. You need to be comfortable too!

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So Where Does It Go If You Don't Swallow or Spit?

Okay, so you've thought about it, and you've decided that both options - spitting and swallowing - sound awful. You are not alone - many women feel this way. Now what? Where does it go? What do you do? Where is he supposed to finish if it isn't in your mouth?

You have other options, even if they are a little bit more awkward. You can always go to town down there until he's just about to finish, then have him pull away at the last second and finish somewhere - some dudes like to give a girl a nice pearl necklace (this is just him finishing on your chest, it is not as elegant as it sounds), some finish on literally any part of your body that you're cool with, some try to give you a facial (yes, it is what it seems like). If you don't want it on your body, no worries - have him finish off in a tissue or something.

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Is There Any Way To Make It Taste Better?

Okay, so you've swallowed, and you're like, "OMG that was disgusting and awful and I don't want to taste it again, but I DO kind of want to swallow again but oh my goodness please help." The good news is that there is a way to make semen taste better. Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen told Vice, "Any kind of intake, whether it's food, medication, or drink, can affect the flavor of your semen or vaginal fluid. Anything we smell or taste on the body is part of an excretory process... If you can tell a difference in someone's body odor, then the likelihood is that you can tell about their sexual secretions, as well."

To put it simply: eating a lot of meat, dairy, and veggies like asparagus and broccoli can make semen taste bitter and, well, bad. Eating a lot of fruit, a largely vegetarian diet, and other mild foods will make semen taste better and maybe even sweet. Other things that can make semen taste worst include caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, and lots of unhealthy foods. To make semen taste better, a guy could eat lots of fruit (especially things like pineapple), less dairy, lots of healthy foods, no cheese.

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Is Spitting Better Than Swallowing?

You already know that most guys prefer swallowing over spitting, but maybe you're wondering what the better option is for YOU, which is completely valid. And yes, it is true that this, like so much else, depends on personal preference. But let's discuss anyway.

I would say, pretty confidently, that the majority of women out there would agree that spitting sucks. Think about it: spitting is an unpleasant act in itself, and add in some semen that might taste weird and have a strange consistency, and you've got an unpleasant experience. It's in your mouth, it needs to be spat out somewhere, it's uncomfortable, it feels awkward, and you still taste it and everything. It's not great! A lot of girls say that swallowing is just easier, because they can't stand the thought of spitting it out.

But, again, this is totally up to you. Maybe you think it sounds great. Go for it! Maybe you think it sounds horrible. Don't do it! Honestly, it's your choice.

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Is There Any Possible Way To Get Pregnant From Swallowing?

Simply put: no. And don't laugh at this question, because I have heard it from readers several times! You can't get pregnant if semen goes in your mouth. You can get pregnant if it goes into your vagina, but that's it. It can't travel from your throat or stomach down to your uterus. That's... no. It's not possible. Don't worry about it.

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What If You Gag?

Maybe it's your first time giving oral sex and you decide to swallow, and you gag from the taste. Maybe you've done it a lot but this person is new and it tastes really bad and you gag. Either situation is not an ideal thing to think about, because gagging when trying to do something sexy is not great! So, what if it happens? Uh... I don't know. Let it happen and then move on. Stuff like this goes down sometimes - don't make a big deal out of it and don't make yourself feel bad.

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How Do You Tell Him No Without Hurting His Feelings?

It's easy to tell you to just say "no" and leave it at that. But the truth is, a lot of guys will keep asking and trying to pressure you. Some guys will ask why. Some guys will act insulted. Sometimes you don't want to say no because you want to be the ~cool, sexy~ girl who does everything and you want him to like you and find you alluring, or maybe he just went down on you and he was so into it, and you don't know how to follow that up with, "Uh, that's a no from me." There are a lot of things that could be going on.

But here's the thing: if you really don't want to swallow, you don't have to swallow just because he'll like it. Just say, "it's really not my thing" and leave it at that. Don't apologize or hesitate or give him a way to slide in there and try to guilt you into it. Most dudes will say okay, accept it, and feel happy they're getting oral at all, anyway.

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Which one of these questions were you wondering about? What question about swallowing did we miss? Let me know in the comments.

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