This Old Celeb Is Hanging Out With Teenage Girls And It’s Creepy AF

Over the past week or so, chances are good that you’ve seen a lot of headlines that contain the name “Scott Disick.” This is because the 34-year-old reality TV personality/SponCon enthusiast/subheader on Kourtney Kardashian’s Wikipedia page has been linked to, um, a lot of girls lately. And by girls, here, I really do mean girls–specifically Bella Thorne (who is 19) and Sofia Richie (who is 18).

Scott was first seen with Bella Thorne last week in Cannes, when the two appeared to be canoodling by a pool, and shortly afterwards, was spotted with Sofia Richie on a yacht. For what it’s worth, both Bella and Sofia have denied that being with Scott, for them, is anything more that friendly:




Obviously, I was not there, and, of course, I am in no way in any position to make a judgment about either of these individual situations. It is quite possible that Scott and Bella were doing “legit nothing” together, and that he and Sofia are, indeed, “just homies” and nothing else. And, whatever the real case may be, it should be noted that age differences are nothing new in Hollywood, particularly when they involve older guys and younger girls. Besides, from a purely legal perspective, there is nothing actually wrong with Scott Disick hanging out with Bella Thorne and Sofia Ricci, given that both are legal adults.

If you take away the famous names, however, and evaluate the situation from a more macro perspective — one in which a 34-year-old guy with a well-known drinking problem appears to always be lurking around teenage girls in bikinis — it’s definitely not normal. It only seems normal because lots of news outlets are presenting it as such (with headlines like “Scott Disick Gets A Handful Of Bieber’s Ex” and “Scott Disick Having A Bella Good And Wet Time“), and, of course, because many girls are conditioned to feel that if an established celebrity approaches you, you are to take them up on it without question.

Celebrity or not, this behavior isn’t okay. If you are a teenager, whether you’re 16 or 18 or 19, and you know any regular, non-famous 34-year-old men, chances are good that they’re like, your teacher. Or your neighbor. Or the dad of the kids you babysit. Basically, someone who very may well be in your life, and you certainly can have a cordial, friendly relationship with, but if the relationship reaches any level beyond that, it’s predatory and gross and a sign that you need to get away from them. Even (especially, really) if they’re Scott Discik. 

Of course you can make the argument that a 34-year-old hooking up with an 18 or 19-year-old is perfectly legal – it is, and in a lot of states, it would be legal even if those girls were 17. In other countries, it would be legal younger than that. But just because something is legal doesn’t always make it moral. In a situation where the man is so much older, and in such a different place in his life, that age difference allows for pretty much all of the power to belong to the man. A 15 year age difference might not seem like a big deal when people are older – say, in their 40s or 50s – and in fact, it might even be common at older ages. But it’s different then, because at that age, you tend to have a more similar mindset. An 18-year-old and a 34-year-old with three kids should be in very different stages of their life, making a romantic relationship complicated and confusing.

This is just shy of statutory rape, which is when an adult has a sexual relationship with someone who is still deemed a child. Like I mentioned before, the age varies depending on where you live, but one thing is for sure: this kind of age difference at these ages is manipulative and predatory. It’s not sexy or cool or chic. Dating older guys isn’t always cooler – especially like this.


What do you think of Scott Disick? Is it creepy or not that he’s hanging out with these girls? Let us know in the comments!

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