Here’s What Those Bee Tattoos You’re Seeing Everywhere Actually Mean

If you have an Instagram account, odds are good that you might have seen some pictures of little bee tattoos over the weekend. Yes, bees are generally pretty scary. They are buzzy and pointy and REALLY hurt when they sting, but bees are also a symbol of Manchester. As you may remember, the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert last week claimed the lives of 22 people and left others terrified to ever go to a concert again. It was an act of terrorism that we won’t ever forget, and some people are using this as an opportunity to use the symbol of the bee as a way to unite people affected by the attack.



The bee is a symbol for hardworking individuals who all make up the city. In the 1800s, Manchester’s industries were described as “hives of activity,” so the workers were known as “bees” who all work hard to take care of the city. Manchester is also home to multiple urban beekeepers, which means they produce local honey for the city.  Overall, the symbolism of the bee is actually a good thing: it show how strong and hardworking the city can be, especially in times of tragedy, like the Manchester bombing.

These tiny tattoos are discrete but powerful, giving off the message that everyone is banding together to form a “hive” of solidarity and support with the victims of the tragic bombing. It’s much more than a tattoo: it is showing that the city won’t hide in fear after there is a tragic attack or incident.

The best part about these bee tattoos is that many people are donating the money made from the tattoos to the families of the victims. In addition to raising money that way, Ariana Grande is also putting on a benefit concert that will feature a ton of artists like Justin Bieber and Coldplay in order to raise money for the victims. It just goes to show that the citizens of Manchester, and people around the world, are uniting against hate, and fighting back, even if it is just with a tiny tattoo.


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