Someone Tried To Protest The Fearless Girl Statue In The Weirdest Way

You remember “Fearless Girl,” right?  The statue of a young girl with her hands on her hips, facing off against the iconic Wall Street bull, has proved to be needlessly controversial since it was put up in March in honor of International Women’s Day. Men took offense to the concept as a whole (as they are too often wont to do when something has nothing to do with them at all), and the sculptor of the original bull statue, Arturo DiModico, became upset that the statue infringed on his own “artistic copyright,” despite the fact that his statue was originally put up without a permit.

And now, there is a new event to add to Fearless Girl’s ever-growing list of controversies. A New York-based sculptor, named Alex Gardega, decided to erect another statue beside Fearless Girl on Monday of a small (poorly crafted) bronze dog peeing on the feet of the statue. It is called, with all of the good taste and decorum that goes along with such a sculpture, “Pissing Pug.”

Why did he do this? The reasoning here, as one might expect, is um, lacking. Gardega told the New York Post that he had been “seething” over the placement of Fearless Girl next to the bull, saying that it challenges the “integrity” of the original piece. Some of Gardega’s other works, presented without comment, are below:

Dolphin mural study by gardega

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Mural by gardega

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I paint so you di t have to

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Huh. Lots of integrity there! Anyway, most people online are displeased with — though not necessarily threatened by — this statue:

In any case, the statue is gone now. In what was perhaps Gardega’s single good idea that day (and possibly ever), he removed the statue himself about three hours after he put it up. So, uh, all’s well that ends well, I guess. Anyway, here’s a palate cleanser:

What do you think of this whole situation? Let us know in the comments!

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