14 Random Things That Will Make You More Productive On The Computer

I don’t know about you, but personally, I spend a lot of my time on the computer. And by “spend,” what I really mean here is “waste,” because, technically, most of the stuff I do online is not productive at all. I mean, I do my work, but then there are the memes. Twitter and Instagram (for memes). The private, hyper-specific Facebook groups (that I am also in for the hyper-specific memes). And, of course, there is Netflix. I am sure you can relate.

Now, as I am sure you already know, many things you do on the computer will never truly be productive, since, by design, they are literally meant to waste your time. Still, there are lots of things you can do to make the actual act of being on the computer more productive, so anything you choose to do on the computer–whether it be Netflix, meme-making, or, uh, actual work–significantly more streamlined. So, check out these random things that will make you much more productive on the computer:

1. Make your digital experience as streamlined as possible:



Do you feel anxious and overloaded every time you get on the computer? If so, clean up your desktop by using these “decluttering” tips.


2. Know how to use your keyboard:



Your keyboard has a lot of functions that you probably don’t know about–use this guide to figure out how to use them to your advantage.


3. And make sure you’re typing as fast as you can:



Whatever you’re typing–tweets, emails, a homework assignment, whatever–you want to make sure you’re doing it as fast (and accurately) as possible. Streamline your texting by using certain fingers for each letter–you’ll be surprised by how much faster it makes your typing.


4. Accidentally close a tab? This is how you re-open it:



(If you’re on Google Chrome, you can also do History + Recently Closed to re-open it.)


5. Actually know how to use your function keys:



Most people ignore them, but they do actually do things–know how to use them to make everything just a little faster.


6. Know how to keep your internet activity private:



You know. Just in case you need it.


7.  Actually get the results you want when when you use search engines:



If you’ve ever gotten lost in a slog of random Google results that have nothing to do with the one you actually want, these tips can be super useful and save you a lot of time.


8. Know how to make special signs yourself:



You know, instead of googling them and copy-pasting them into a document.


9. Make sure you’re using keyboard shortcuts:



These can save you a lot of time–if you want, you can print this out and pin it to your desk area so you remember what you need to do.


10. Bookmark these websites:



You’ll want them all right there when you need them.


11. Do some housekeeping to make sure that your computer is running as fast as it can:



It’s possible that your computer is what’s slowing you down–not you. Folow these steps to ensure you computer is running at its highest potential.


12. Have a PC? Follow these steps to make it run faster:




13. Don’t open that virus:



That’ll…probably make your computer slow.



14. Actually clean up your computer:



Like, IRL. If your computer looks good, you’ll (probably) want to be productive on it, too.



Are you going to try any of these tricks? Do you have any other ones to share? Let us know in the comments!

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