8 Things That Are Actually Good For Your Vagina

We spend a lot of time here at Gurl telling you about the many things that are bad for your vagina. This is because, uh, there are a lot of things that shouldn’t be in the vicinity of your genitals. The vagina, as you may already know, is a very sensitive part of your body, a place that can be completely thrown off by the smallest change. That change can lead to discharge, smells that aren’t very pleasant, infections, and more things that you really want to avoid. So, at a certain point, you can start to wonder, “Uh, what is actually good for my vagina?”

You probably know the obvious responses: cotton underwear is always better than something lacy or silky, going commando as much as possible is something your vag loves, and it’s also a really big fan of cranberry juice. Anything else? Well, yes. There are a few other really random things that are good for your vagina. They’re not going to magically change the whole area, but they’re also probably not going to irritate it – and in some cases, they might make things smell better, or cut down your chance of infection, two things that are always good. Check out these things that are good for your vagina:

Good Posture

Sitting up straight doesn't seem like something that would affect your vagina, but it is. Slouching can put stress on the nerves in the sacrum that connect to your vagina, which can affect blood flow and nerves. Sitting up straight with your feet on the floor is always better than slouching - even for areas of your body you had no idea were affected.

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Certain Foods

There are certain foods that aren't ideal for your vagina because they can make it smell or increase discharge - they're not necessarily bad for your vag, they're just annoying. There are also foods that are better for your vagina because they can make it smell better. And then there are some foods that can actually improve the whole area. These include cranberry juice and yogurt, for the most part, but we have a whole post on it here if you want more information.

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Not Washing It A Lot

Your vaginal area can easily get sweaty and smelly, and there's discharge happening, and... well, it can kind of be a mess. So, you would think that washing it a lot, like multiple times a day, would be the answer... but that's not true. Wash it every day, of course, but don't over-wash, because the vagina is self-cleaning. And of course, don't use soap or try douching.

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Working Out Your Inner Thighs

You may have heard that you should be working out your vaginal muscles by doing kegels, and that's definitely true. But it's not the only set of muscles you should be working on. Your vag can benefit from toning up your inner thighs. Tight inner thigh muscles can lead to pain and tension in your vagina, so working them out and stretching them can prevent that.

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Condoms do more than just protect you from STDs and pregnancy - they can also keep your vagina healthy. Condoms can keep your vagina's pH level healthy so that the good bacteria can live and flourish. Sometimes, having sex without a condom can seriously mess with your pH levels and lead to a bacterial infection.

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You've probably heard that probiotics are good for the bacteria in your gut, but they're also good for your down there area. Probiotic pills are another way to help the healthy bacteria down there flourish, which is what you want. You can get probiotics in yogurt or some drinks, but sometimes it can be best to take a pill. I'm personally a big fan of acidophilus.

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It seems like the only purpose of lube is to make sex feel better, but that's not true. Because it makes things more slippery and easier to work with, it also prevents tears in the vagina that would have possibly happened if you hadn't used lube and things had been more dry. These tears that could occur could lead to infections, so really, you're better off.

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Masturbation is another thing that isn't just about pleasure - it's good for you and your vag. Not only does it feel good, it also makes you more emotionally happy as well.

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Have you ever tried any of these things? What do you suggest? Let us know in the comments.

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