15 Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger Without Padding

Have you been blessed with small boobs but sometimes find yourself wishing that you had a little more going on in the chest area? If so, don’t go reaching for that ultra-padded bra and those chicken cutlet things quite yet, because there are some other options. And, if we’re being real, better options–some padded bras are great, but if you go for the ones that have a lot of padding, they’re super uncomfortable and can make your boobs look ridiculously fake.

You don’t need to get into anything complicated or messy like chest contouring to enhance your girls, either. You can “pump up” your chest by following a few simple style hacks. The good news is that they’re easy and they don’t involve shoving socks in your bra. And did I mention that you probably already have everything in your closet? If you’re looking to enhance what your mama gave you without padding, here are 15 easy ways you can make your small boobs look bigger.

1. Embrace tops with gathers, pleats, or ruching on the boobs.



Those little tucks don’t just draw people’s eyes towards your girls, they also help enhance your boobs thanks to the way the fabric is folded. Win, win.


2. Wear brighter colors on top.



If you’re addicted to black, this probably isn’t something you want to hear. But bright colors can enhance your chest thanks to good old color theory. The reason is that brighter, more vivid shades capture our eyes more and take up more “visual space.” So, save the black for your bottoms.


3. …And don’t be afraid to rock patterns up top.



If you think a shot of color is good for your girls then try adding a pattern into the mix. Almost any sort of print will create the optical illusion that you have more in your bra than what you really do.


4. Add in some chest ruffle details.



As pretty as waist peplums are, they’re not really going to help you in this case. You want the ruffles to be focused on your chest. That extra material makes your boobs the focus. Plus, it makes people think that what’s under the ruffles is just as big as them. Hello.


5. Look for low necklines.



If you’re a fan of crew or boat necklines, I’m sorry to say that they do nothing for your tatas compared to lower scoop necklaces or V-shaped ones. You can also try any sort of neckline that’s open. The idea is that the visible skin makes it seem like there is a lot boob area compared to when it’s fully covered and literally hidden.


6. Embrace sparkle, sequins, and glitter.



When you add some embellishment on top of anything, it’s going to look bigger. Fact. The same rules can be applied to your chest. Try it out for yourself in the evening and even during the day.


7. Look for tops with bands or seams under the boobs.



These are sometimes called “empire lines.” Not only do they give you a Grecian goodness vibe, but they also pump up your girls because that band brings all the focus to them.


8. Add in a long necklace.



Don’t forget about your jewelry. A long pendant necklace that stops at the chest area is basically like an arrow that says, “Here are my boobs.” And no matter what size your chest is, the necklace will enhance it.


9. Try a body harness.



Are you into experimental accessories? Then you’re probably going to love body harnesses. They’re like belts…but for your entire torso. And they add a bit of BDSM edge to your look. Plus, they bring all of the attention to your girls.


10. Try layering tops.



Remember in the 2000’s how everyone and their mama layered their tank tops and T-shirts? It’s time to bring that style back if you want to draw attention to your chest. Whether you’re layering two tank tops or a tank top under a T-shirt, the layered look and contrasting colors will create the *illusion* of a fuller bust.


11. Try a knitted top.



You might have read in some style guides about how girls with big boobs have to be careful about wearing knitted tops, especially those with cable knits, because larger boobs can distort them. However, this is something you actually want. You want those lines to mold around your breasts to show them off. So, choose a fitted knit with a clear “cable” design.


12. Add some horizontal stripes.



Bless horizontal stripes. They do all of the work for us. Pinstripes will do a bit. However, if you want your girls to be front and center, choose a top with chunky stripes.


13. Choose a top with a well-placed design or embellishment.



If you look around, you can find some tops with well-placed embellishment. (Read: It is designed to sit right on top of your boobs.) Is it the subtlest option? Nope. Does it work at bringing the focus to your chest? Heck yeah.


14. Try a top that ties in the front.



That knot can do great things for making it all about your girls. Just try it out for yourself and you will be surprised. You can even try tying your regular tops in knots, if you really want to. Don’t like the idea of knots? Try a top with a clever lace-up detail and everything is done for you.


15. Look for tops and dresses with details around the neckline.



The ideal piece for enhancing your girls is plain everywhere else save for some awesome detail around the neckline. The detail can be studs, tulle, safety pins, or a combination of them all. It doesn’t matter. Any special detail will do the trick.


How do you enhance your chest? Let us know in the comments!

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