So, A National Landmark Was Defaced For A Promposal

Here at Gurl, we love a good promposal. We love the wholesome ones. The meme-based ones. We even love the ones that most of us would never be able to afford, even if we a saved up all of our babysitting money from the past five years and put all of it towards one single promposal. What we don’t love? This promposal in which someone took a can of spray paint to a large boulder in the Santa Monica Mountains National Park to write, simply, “Prom?”

I mean, where is the artistry? The creativity? Where, I ask, are the theatrics that most of us have come to expect from the common American promposal experience? Park rangers are, unsurprisingly, not exactly wild about this promposal either. In a Facebook post on the Santa Monica National Recreation Area page, someone who identifies themselves as “Ranger Zach” writes that they “love hearing about creative promposals, but damaging public lands is not the way to do it.” (Agreed!) Apparently, this is the “second year in a row” in which someone has used the rocks in this park as a promposal canvas  (!!!!!), and, understandably, they have had enough.

Not to be a buzzkill, but if anyone chooses to prompose to you by literally defacing a national landmark, please…do not say yes. (Is that an unfair request? Let me know!) Sure, it may seem like a grand, elaborate display of affection that’s just thrilling enough to sweep you off your feet, but once the adrenaline rush goes away and you realize that you are about to go to prom with someone who considers themselves to be a “tagging artist” and probably has at least one Banksy poster somewhere in their room, that excitement is bound to go away real fast. Basically? Save yourself. Save your friends.

Save everyone, really, from having to deal with a self-important, spray can-toting dolt who definitely won’t match your prom outfit because they think it’s “lame,” and probably also thinks that it “wasn’t even that big a deal” when the Library of Alexandria burned down. Just…don’t do it.

(And, of of course, if you happen to know who did this, please give Ranger Zach a call. This is just a hunch, but it sure seems like he could use a break.)

H/T Jezebel, LA Times

What do you think of this promposal? Does it make you angry, or are you okay with it? Let us know in the comments!

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