15 Ways To Prevent Common Prom Dress Mistakes

Forget about finding a date for prom, one of the biggest things is finding the right dress. You definitely don’t need a date to attend prom, but you cannot go to the event naked, can you? And of course not just any old dress will do. You want one that you will look FIERCE in.

If you’ve already found your dream dress, congrats. That’s one big thing checked off your prom to-do list. However, that doesn’t mean you can stop thinking about your dress. There are little things that can make or break your look on prom, so you definitely don’t want to ignore them.Check out 17 ways to prevent common prom dress mistakes so you’ll SLAY it at prom 2017.

1. Ensure you’ve stored your prom dress correctly.



Nothing can ruin a beautiful dress like squishing it in the back of a closet. It doesn’t matter if you’re only putting it there for a day. A few hours is all you need for your dress to become a misshapen, wrinkled mess. If you haven’t already, ensure your dress is hung up properly and protected.


2. Wear the proper underwear.


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You know how a thick underwear seam can ruin your lovely leggings? The same sort of thing can happen with your prom dress and the wrong pair of underwear. Therefore, make sure you do an undies test with your dress. Watch out for color, seams, and anything bulky.


3. Get your dress tailored properly.



If you’re forking over a lot of money on your prom dress, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little bit extra to tailor it. Some boutiques might even offer it for free or for a reduced free. If not, know that the money spent tailoring your dress really will make a difference because you won’t be fidgeting and adjusting it the entire night.


4. Make sure that your straps stay put.



No one wants to be having to adjust the straps on their dress at prom when they could be dancing the night away. So, make sure those straps fit properly. If you can adjust them, do it well before prom so you can wear the dress around and make sure they’re okay. If you find the straps keep slipping, consider getting them tailored or pin them to your dress with a safety pin.


5. Check out what your dress looks like in different lights.



What might look amazing in some light can look very awkward in other light. You don’t want to discover that your dress is actually sheer when you’re under the disco lights at prom, so wear it around. You can even have a friend shine a flashlight on you to make sure nothing funky is up with your frock.


6. Make sure you have the proper inserts.


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Do you have a dress that has some built-in support? Is everything already sewn into the dress or are there a few small things you need, like padding or body tape? Check it out now, not when you’re trying on the dress the day of prom.


7. Try some body tape.


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The idea of taping parts of your body might seem weird, but body tape is actually a red carpet secret. How else do you think celebs rock those plunging gowns without exposing a nipple? The double-sided tape keeps everything in place. If you have a dress with cutouts, a thigh-high slit, or a plunging neckline, it’s worth picking up a roll of tape to ensure everything stays where you want it to. Just think about how much moving around you’ll be doing when you’re dancing.


8. Ensure chafing doesn’t happen.


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You know those pretty sequins and gemstones? They can turn into a chaffing nightmare at prom. And you want to mind this out before you get injured when you’re dancing away. Grab your dress, put it on, and throw a few shapes like you’re planning on doing at prom. That way you’ll be able to tell if there’s any rubbing. If there is, you can consider getting an anti-chaffing gel to apply on the big day.


9. Pin those hanger loops down.



You know those handy straps that make hanging up your prom dress a cinch? They can be super annoying when you’re actually wearing it. You might not want to cut them off because you’ll still use them after you wear the dress, so try pinning them with safety pins to the inside of your dress. That way you won’t have to worry about them coming out as you’re dancing.


10. Look at your zipper.



Zippers make getting dressed a lot easier, but they can also be one of the worst things if you have a crap one. Do up and undo the zipper a few times when you’re not wearing the dress. See if it sticks anywhere or if the lining gets caught.  If you notice the latter happening, you might want to consider getting a seamstress to tack it down. No one wants a caught zipper.


11. Consider a slip.


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There are as many different types of underwear as there are prom dresses. Instead of automatically reaching for a bra and panties, consider whether a slip is better for your dress. If your dress is made out of a fabric that could scratch your skin or make you feel itchy, like tulle, a slip can be a valuable piece.


12. Add some nipple petals.


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Are you planning on going braless at prom, but you’d feel a bit self-conscious without any sort of boob coverage? Enter nipple petals. They help prevent full-on headlight boobs if your nips get hard.


13. Add some deodorant and sweat pads.


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Are you going for a dramatic long-sleeved gown? Are you concerned about sweating? You can get discreet sweat pads. They create a barrier between the dress and your armpits so the pad absorbs the sweat and your dress stays dry. Clever.


14. Try on your dress with your shoes.



If you’re going to be rocking a short dress, this doesn’t really apply to you, unless you want the proportions to be just right. However, if you’re rocking a long one, it’s key. If your shoes are too high, your dress can look a bit awkward. But if they’re too low, you could have a tripping hazard on your hands. That means you’ll either have to get your dress tailored or choose higher heels.


15. Pack an emergency fashion kit.


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As prepared as you may be beforehand, it’s always good to have an emergency kit with you in your clutch. You never know what can happen when you start dancing or running around your prom venue. Thread, mini scissors, a sewing needle, and safety pins are things that will help you in the majority of fashion emergencies.


What fashion tips have you learned while prom dress shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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