Which Summer Makeup Trend Should You Try?

Summer is (almost) here, which means it’s (almost) time to take a look at your makeup collection and reassess what you are going to wear this summer. You don’t want to keep wearing graphic liner, since that trend is so0o spring 2017, right? Kidding – I mean, you obviously can do whatever you want, but if you want to be on trend this season, you’ll need to research all of the top summer beauty trends. From there, you can focus on picking the right one for you, which can feel overwhelming. Luckily, summer is the best time to try out all of the ~crazy~ looks, since you can dedicate more time to makeup and less time to schoolwork (jk). But really, you probably have a little more time in the summer to experiment with your makeup looks, which is fun.

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Choosing summer makeup can be a hassle: on the one hand, you want to experiment with new stuff, but on the other hand, you are sweaty AF and don’t want to cover your face in products. I get it, I’ve been there, and we are here to help. Based on your personality, there are some ways to tell what trends you should stick to, and what trends you should skip this summer. So, if you are dying to try out something new and still be super stylish, take this quiz to find out what summer makeup trend you need to try this year.

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