10 Weird Everyday Things That Can Change Your Boobs

At this point, you already know that there are things you do every day that can seriously affect your body. I mean, I really hope you know that. But did you know that there are really random things you might be doing that are also changing your boobs? It’s easy to think that breasts change at certain times during one’s life: first during puberty, then maybe as you hit your 20s, then again as you get more middle-aged, and then again as you’re, like, really old. And while that’s true, it’s not the only time your boobs can alter their appearance or have their health affected. There are lots of little everyday things that can mess with your breasts.

These range from kind of obvious to surprising (I’m obviously not going to reveal examples here, but you’ll know what I mean if you read the gallery below), and they’re all pretty important to know about. Your boobs are more than just strangely attractive lumps of fat – they are a vital part of your body and health. So, check out these little things you probably do every day that are changing your boobs:


You know how bras are supposed to make our boobs look and feel better? Well, uh, maybe they're doing kind of the opposite. A 15-year study found that bras are probably causing our breasts to sag. Why? For one thing, constantly holding them up is actually compromising breast tissue, which can lead to them being less toned. For another, wearing them for too long cuts off circulation near your ribs, which can ruin the strength of your muscles that make them perky. Add the fact that we often wear the incorrect sizes, we wear them too tightly, and we start to wear them at a really early age, and you've got the perfect recipe for sagging.

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Sleeping In Certain Positions

Sleeping is good for you, but certain positions can actually change the way your boobs look over time. This research from CNN reports that sleeping on your side and stomach can hurt your breasts. Sleeping on your side can stretch the ligaments over time, while sleeping on your stomach presses them into the mattress. Your best bet is sleeping on your back or on your side with a pillow under them for support.

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A lot of you write in after hearing the myth that won't die - that moisturizing your breasts with lotion on a daily basis will keep them from sagging, and maybe even help them grow. Neither of those things are true, but there ARE advantages to hydrating your boobs: doing so on a daily basis will decrease wrinkles, and can even lead to less stretch marks over time.

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Drinking Alcohol

There has been a lot of research done on the link between alcohol and breast cancer risk in women, and one recent study found that even consuming just a small amount of alcohol (like less than one glass each day) can increase your risk of breast cancer by 12 percent. Doctors don't really know why, but they think it might be because of hormones.

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There are a few things that exercise can do to your boobs. Working out your pectoral muscles can sometimes make your breasts look more perky - it's not making them bigger, it's just increasing the strength of the muscle, which can sometimes lead to a perkier look. Doing cardio like running or anything that involves bouncing, though, can hurt your boobs - literally. If you're not wearing a proper sports bra, you're going to seriously hurt yourself, and you'll also end up with sagging.

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Drinking Caffeine

Well, this is a bummer for anyone who can't live without coffee (like myself). Some women have breast tissue that is especially sensitive to caffeine and drinking too much of it can result in fibrocystic breasts. It's not a huge deal, but that can make your boobs feel lumpy. It can also be painful. So, if your boobs are always sore, try cutting out out caffeine for a few weeks to see what happens.

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Having Belly Fat

One fairly recent study found that people who have a lot of belly fat might be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. You probably already knew that being overweight can lead to a higher risk, but this is specifically about belly fat (the fat in your stomach), which is sometimes called the worst kind.

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Taking Medication

You probably already know that birth control pills can affect your boobs: sometimes the hormones in them can make your breasts look larger. But this is more about other kinds of medications. Things like anti-psychotics and antidepressants can cause breast pain and sometimes even leaking. Diuretics can sometimes decrease breast pain and swelling. So, if you feel something weird going on and you're on a new medication, talk to your doctor.

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A few things can happen to your boobs while you're having sex. The most interesting is probably that they can swell and look bigger, and your veins will also be more obvious. Your nipples will get hard (you probably know that), and even the areolae will expand.

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Here's another reason you should stop smoking cigarettes - they can make your boobs look older. One study found that smoking decreases the elasticity in breasts and can make them look less youthful and also make them sag faster.

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Which one of these are you familiar with? What surprised you? Tell us in the comments.

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