7 Things Nobody Tells You About Life After High School That You NEED To Hear

The school year is coming to a close, and if you’re a high school senior, that’s a big effing deal. Maybe you’re going off to college, or you’re taking a gap year before going to college, or maybe you’re not going to college at all and are heading straight into the workforce. Regardless, high school is about to be a thing of the past, and chances are you’re ready for it. These four years have gone by quickly, and you’re ready for that next stage of life.

Well, as someone who has been through that next stage, let me tell you: It’s not quite what I expected. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but really. I thought I had a more solid understanding of what was in store on the road ahead. But that road? Yeah, full of crazy turns and potholes. That’s not to say that life post-high-school is a mess from start to finish. It’s not! But I wish I knew about some of these seven things nobody tells you after high school. You can’t predict the future and life is full of curveballs, but maybe you’ll be a little more prepared if you check out this list.

Nobody Cares About Your High School Self

You might have been really popular, the smartest in your class, valedictorian, an outcast, a star athlete, the weird goth girl...and guess what? Nobody is going to GAF. Seriously. Your high school self is old news, kid. Nobody is going to care about your SATs or your GPA, which might be a tough reality for those of you who worked your butts off academically year after year. But hey, have fun cultivating your new, adult identity. This is a blessing in disguise. You're a clean slate for the first time in years, embrace it.


Relationship Stuff Still Sucks

Yeah, I know, this is a bit of a blow but for the most part it's true: If you were looking forward to a better array of people to date in your post-high school life, guess again. Sure, you might be dealing with older people in your dating pool now, but that doesn't correlate with maturity whatsoever. You're going to get ghosted, you're going to be used, you're going to be led on, you're going to deal with mixed messages...you're going to deal with a lot of BS, essentially. Some things never change! But don't worry, there are some gems hidden in this sea of garbage.

Fresh Meat

You're Going To Worry A Lot About What Pace You're Moving At

Comparing yourself to everyone and anyone is going to be your life now. It sucks, but it'll happen. And if it already happens, congrats, it's going to happen a hell of a lot more. What you need to do is remember that your friend's amazing internship doesn't say anything about you. And just because your friend dropped out of college doesn't mean that your life is way better than theirs. Who knows, they could score a great paying job while you're unemployed. Everyone is doing their own thing at their own speed. If you rate your success by where you're at compared to someone else, you'll drive yourself nuts.

Some Girls

You Might Be Doing Something You Didn't Expect

So, you imagine yourself having a really cool job in the field you've been dying to be in since you were, like, 13-years-old or something. Then, flash forward five years, and you're not doing that...at all. This is probably going to be your future, but know that that's not necessarily going to be a bad thing. Maybe you'll do something cooler that you have a lot of passion for. But maybe, just maybe, you're doing something mundane and boring to pay bills. It's okay, dude. I have friends who went to Ivy League universities who were selling coffee after college. It's not the end of the world. Your life is long, you have so much time to do what you want and you'll probably have a few different careers along the way.

Pretty In Pink

You're Going To Have To Do Some Grown Up Stuff You've Never Thought Of

It's kind of funny, the little adult things that we totally forget about or never even dreamed of doing. We're too busy getting amped about the cool parts of adulthood, like fun spring break trips, going to bars, all that jazz. What you don't think about are, say, taxes. Or making your own doctor's appointments. Or dealing with utility bills (even if your parents are helping you pay for it). There's a lot of boring, stressful aspects of growing up that you're going to encounter...be prepared.


You're Going To Be More Dependent On Your Parents Than You Think

Chances are, you're going to still depend on your parents for money on a regular basis. You might feel weird about it sometimes, and trust me...your parents are eager for you to be financially independent too. But don't feel bad if you still live with them after college, or if they're still paying for your cell phone. Take advantage of what you can now and try to wean yourself off of them over time. You're not alone, dude. If anything, be grateful if your parents are financially able to help you out. Plenty of people aren't so lucky.

My So Called Life

Your Friendships Will Change

Your friends from high school? Yeah, you might still be in touch. But most of them? They're not going to be as close to you as you imagined they'd be. In fact, after a while, you're going to make friends who are probably super different than the people you hung out with in high school in one way or another. When you hang out with your high school friends in a few years, you might be surprised to realize that they're not the kind of people you'd seek out for friendships today. Time is weird, huh?

A Different World

What other things do people not tell you about life after high school? Tell us in the comments!

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