President Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis And The Internet Makes It A Meme

While you were sitting in class or maybe sleeping, President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis for the first time on Wednesday, May 25. Why should you care? The event is notable for two reasons: one, Trump is the first president in a long time (since Jimmy Carter) who hasn’t traveled overseas during his first 100 days in office. Two: Trump and the pope have publicly clashed previously – Pope Francis has spoken out against Trump’s plans to build the wall, and Trump replied by calling him disgraceful. So, obviously the meeting was awkward at all.

As it turns out, it might not have been – reports of the meeting in the Vatican seemed good. President Trump reportedly told reporters that it was, “Great… He is something. We had a fantastic meeting.” According to Buzzfeed, after they had a private meeting, “the Pope gave Trump a medal by a Roman artist depicting an olive branch, depicting peace. Trump was heard to remark ‘we could use peace.’ Trump also received three books.”

All of that is well and good – regardless of your feelings about Donald Trump as our president, you don’t exactly want to root for international fighting between such important titles – but the real gem of the whole meeting is this photo that landed on the internet:

This photo is not great for Trump, but it is Very Good for the internet. Look at these expressions! Trump is thrilled – or, at least, pretending to be thrilled – with some kind of boyish, “OMG look at me” look on his face. Melania, as usual, looks confused as to how she ended up in this mess. Ivanka looks… lost, kind of. And Pope Francis? He looks like he would rather be anywhere else, taking any other photo.

Of course, this photo and momentous occasion has resulted in a whole lot of memes that are worthy of your attention. I’m sure there were other photos taken where Pope Francis looks less like he wants to reevaluate his entire life’s work, but this is the only one that matters right now. So, check out the funniest memes of Donald Trump meeting the pope, if only to take your attention away from more sad things:

1. This situation we can all relate to:


Source: Twitter/Gurldotcom


2. Does this photo, um, remind you of anything?


Source: Twitter/evepeyser


3. When the pope stops caring:


Source: Twitter/danaschwartzzz


4. The best Harry Potter reference:


Source: Twitter/sayshumingbird


5. This video showing one of the pope’s gift to Trump is… great:


6. A good way to describe it:


Source: Twitter/juliamacfarlane


7. I mean, can you imagine?


Source: Twitter/DarthPutinKBG


8. I love this so much:


Source: Twitter/JennaGuillaume


9. This GIF is too good:


10. Just a comparison:


Source: Twitter/SimonHendrikson


11. The best caption for this:


Source: Twitter/JamesPMorrison


12. Ah, a nice use of the “tag yourself” meme:


Source: Twitter/hadelry


13. And we’ll just leave you with this:


Source: Twitter/redtraccoon

Which one of these memes is your favorite? What do you think about this photo of Trump and the pope? Share in the comments!

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