This Weird Prom Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

Every once in awhile, we are blessed with tweets that describe pure and innocent mistakes, like when a mom brings a dog to a furry convention, or when a little girl thinks a water heater is a robot. And, every once in awhile, a tweet comes along and lets us know just how clueless some boys can be when it comes to girls accessories. A recent example is this boy who thinks he has to bring a croissant to prom:


Twitter/ @SophieMartini

Let’s be real: this isn’t too uncommon. Exhibit B:






Twitter/ @Casey_r565

Boys are, sorry, a little confused when it comes to the whole prom thing. They don’t normally care about it as much as girls do, since they have to wear boring suits and girls get to wear ~trendy~ dresses. I’m not saying prom isn’t important to them, they just… don’t really get it. So the fact that they think a corsage is called a croissant isn’t THAT surprising. What is surprising is the fact that some boys continued the joke and took it so seriously that they actually brought their dates croissants.



Yes, a croissant, the delicious French pastry, instead of a corsage, which is a collection of flowers that you wear on your wrist at prom. As far as corsages go, some girls choose to wear the same color as their dress, others chose to match it to their shoes or accessories. But, this year, some girls aren’t getting to choose a color at all, since they are getting a buttery croissant instead. It has become a ~trend~ that, TBH, I am down with.

In fact, the idea of a prom croissant sounds kind of amazing? Hear me out: maybe you get to prom and discover that the food there is actually pretty gross. But, you realize…you have a snack on your person already! A croissant! It’s GENIUS! Sure, the crumbs might get messy, and they aren’t super filling, but it is something, right? If anything, it’s worth it for the funny-but-corny picture that you will take with your bae on prom day, like these:


Source: Twitter/ @LadyBlackBirl44


Their faces are priceless:


Source: Twitter/ @alyssssaa1228


Wow, what a touching moment:



Source: Twitter/@jayavaldez

I mean, yes, these are very silly, but they’re also really cute!. Prom can be a super stressful time of year, so it’s nice to be able to joke around with it and eat a croissant. I mean, the tradition of a corsage is a little weird anyway, so you might as well make it fun. What will guys think of next? Cookie corsages? Clementine corsages? CAKE CORSAGES?! Who knows, but I wish this trend was around when I was in high school.

Are you going to wear a croissant to prom? Tell us in the comments!

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