Are Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Actually Feuding?

Unless you never go online, ever, you have probably heard of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s alleged “feud” that’s been taking over social media for the past few years. It’s been back and forth since 2014 (or possibly earlier) when Tay released the diss track “Bad Blood” (it was never confirmed to be about Perry, but we can assume). Katy just released her own diss track titled “Swish, Swish.” I did think it was called “Sweedish Fish” for a long time, but that is besides the point.


Let’s recap this feud: in 2014, Taylor Swift released “Bad Blood,” then gave a quote to Rolling Stone that made it seem like it was about Katy Perry, who supposedly “stole” three of Taylor’s backup dancers while both were on tour. Katy and Taylor had been photographed together before, and everyone knew they were friendly. After “Bad Blood,” Katy tweeted this cryptic and iconique tweet that seemed to be about Taylor:

And it wasn’t over! When Calvin Harris went on a Twitter rant about Taylor after their breakup, Katy got involved with another cryptic tweet. And then a lot of other stuff happened that we can’t get into because that would require an entire post of its own. Anyway, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone knew these two weren’t getting along.

The release of “Swish Swish” seems to fuel the rumors that Katy and Taylor hate each other. Katy even admitted that the song was about Taylor Swift on The Late Late Show, this week, saying that she has reached out to Taylor but received no response. This does seem like enough proof of a feud. But, after closer analysis of this intriguing Buzzfeed post, we have begun to ask ourselves the most important question of all: are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift really feuding? Surprisingly, they might NOT be. I know, I am quite as surprised as you.

I know it’s weird, but let’s break this down again: before Taylor was going to embark on her RED Tour, Katy allegedly “stole” her backup dancers behind her back (ha!). After that, Katy also began dating Taylor’s crappy ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. All of this seems like reasonable, valid reasons to hate someone, IMO. Was it feud-worthy? Maybe not, but it was a thing that happened that made the entire world think that Katy and Taylor were enemies. But then….it came to my attention that the two pop stars still follow each other on Twitter:


This might not seem like a HUGE deal, but after Taylor’s dancers left her tour for Katy’s, she immediately unfollowed them, so it is a little strange that she still follows Katy, right?


It is important to note that Taylor isn’t super active on her social media accounts lately, so this might just be a mistake. But still, why would Katy still be following her back if she supposedly hates her?  

Of course, you also have to consider the other benefits of this feud: Taylor is taking the pressure off of her love life by having the media focus on her feud with Katy, while Katy is getting a lot of publicity for making her new song about Taylor. Is this just one huge savvy PR move, or are they actually fighting?

I’m not sure if we’ll ever know the truth. This whole thing is weird and I truly doubt that Taylor will comment about it publicly, you know, since she’s been keeping a pretty low profile since, uh, the incident. One thing is for sure: whenever Tay releases new music, we will all be singing along.

Do you think they are really fighting? Tell us in the comments!

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