You Should Not Try This Dangerous Vagina Trend

Sometimes, in a moment of weakness, I like to skim through Etsy for some cute handmade items, as one does. Perhaps I am looking to spend money on an embroidered flower patch, or a Harry Potter enamel pin. No shame in that! But, sometimes, I come across some items that are, uh, questionable. It’s one thing to see someone selling a $900 headband. It’s another thing to see someone selling some borderline dangerous products that are made for your vagina. And, unfortunately, there are a LOT online right now. One, in particular, is called Yoni Oil.


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The word “Yoni” is another word for vagina that you might not know about.  Yoni oil is a new product that has been making its way around Etsy. It’s a vagina oil infused with herbs, flowers, and more, AKA basically a ton of bacteria soaking in liquid. Sure, it might smell good, but let’s talk about this for a minute, shall we?

First of all, certain oils can clog your pores down there, which…sucks. Second of all, any type of plant should NEVER make its way into your vagina. That’s just not good! There is dirt and bacteria living on those plants, and you do NOT want those inside of you.Next: we need to address the issue of fragrances. Anything with fragrance should not go near your vagina, let alone inside of it, since it can cause severe irritation.

This product is marketed as a way to “freshen” up your vagina after a workout or even after sex. That is a BIG nope! It also says it can “clear negative vibrations.” I’m sorry… but that is BS. All this stuff is going to do is add unnecessary bacteria to your vagina and possibly give you an infection.

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I know that you might think that something ~natural~ and ~clean~ will be good for your vag, but you’re wrong. Your vagina is actually pretty smart and can take care of itself. If you add more products to your vagina, you could upset the your natural pH balance. Not only that, but certain plants can irritate your skin or even give you a rash down there. That does NOT sound fun, right?

Also, I know essential oils sound essential to your health, but they are not. If you’re really concerned with getting your vagina clean, just stick with warm water! Those smells you smell and that discharge is normal, and you really don’t need to do things to “fix” them.  Trust me, you really don’t want to be putting anything down there that doesn’t belong. Your vag will NOT like that!


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