16 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room Like A Real Grownup

Okay. So, right now, I want you to pause and look around your room for a second. You probably have, I don’t know, some plastic under-bed storage containers, a futon covered with clothes that are too clean to put in the laundry but too dirty for the closet, and, like, a Harry Styles poster on the wall. (Am I just describing my own room to you right now? For personal reasons, I am going to lie and say “Absolutely not!”) This is all great stuff, obviously, but it doesn’t really scream grownup.

But here’s the good news (or, depending on how you look at it, bad news): You don’t actually have to be a grownup, legally or in spirit, to decorate your room like one. In fact, you can be the most lazy, immature, rooted-in-an-extended adolescence person and still have a bedroom that will make people say, “Wow. That girl really is a grown-ass adult.” Sounds great, right? Of course right. So, check out these easy ways to decorate your room like a *real* grownup (even if the rest of your actions aren’t technically there yet):

1. Make your bed–the right way:


The most important part of a nice-looking room is a made bed. You can make it however you see fit (all you really have to do is pull up the sheets, fluff up the pillows, and call it a day) but if you really want it to look fancy, follow the diagram above.


2. Put something over your bed:



Embellishment is key! Even if your bed isn’t super decorated, having something hanging above it will automatically make it more aesthetically pleasing.


3. And some photos above your desk:



If you have a desk in your room, spruce up the area around it by hanging up pictures (framed in colors that coordinate with the desk) over it. This is pretty simple, since all you have to do is pick some pictures, frame them, and hang them over the desk, but it looks like you put a lot of thought into it.


4. Know how to place things properly:



To make everything seem extra polished, take some extra care with the placement when you’re hanging things up–you can alter things depending on your individual preferences, but this is a good initial guide.


5. Hide your extension cords:



Random extension cords always make everything look messier. For a cleaner look, make a port like the one above.


6. Make your ceiling lights something you like looking at:



If you have overhead lighting in your room,  try making a DIY chandelier to put over it to embellish it without making it seem too busy.


7. Get window treatments:



Don’t have any window treatments? Get some. This immediately makes a room look more mature. If you want them to look extra fancy, get a curved shower rod and attach the curtains to it.


8. Make sure your books are organized:



If you want your books to look like they actually have a purpose, get a bookshelf. You don’t have to do anything fancy–a plain bookshelf will do just fine–but if you feel like doing something ~extra~ you can make a vertical bookshelf like the one above.


9. Make a headboard:



You know what grownups have? Grownups have headboards. If your bed didn’t come with one, no big deal–you can make your own.


10. Upgrade your under-bed storage:



Plastic under-bed containers aren’t super aesthetically pleasing, but you have to put your stuff somewhere. So, get a wooden rolling bed to put shoes (or anything else) beneath your bed.


11. Make sure everything in your closet has a place:



This will make your room seem less cluttered, which will make it seem bigger, which will make you seem more mature. (Right? I think so.)


12. Get a fuzzy rug:



Shag rugs are super cozy, and they have a certain way of making an otherwise simple room look a lot fancier. If you want your room to look extra cool, layer the rug over a larger, more coarse carpet.


13. Make your upright mirror look like it belongs there:



If you have an upright mirror, and it’s just sort of leaning against a wall without any real purpose, your room is probably going to look disheveled no matter what you do. So, make sure it actually has a place–you can hang it on the wall and/or tie some string lights around it to give it some extra flair.


14. Use your jewelry as a wall ornament:



This way, it’s decorative and functional, since it’s a lot easier to actually pick out which jewelry items you want to wear on a given day.


15. Organize your desk:



Having pens all over your desk is…not a good way to go about your life. To make sure that they’re organized, stick some toilet paper rolls in a shoe box and sort them by color.


16. Get succulents:



If you have ever been on any lifestyle blogger’s Instagram account before, you will know that you simply cannot have a nice room without some succulent plants. So, uh, get them. All you have to do is stick them on your desk or dresser (maybe on a trendily-colored tray?) and you and your room will be all set.

What do you think of these decorations? Do you have any decorating tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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