16 Relationship Goals That Will Actually Make You Say “Me”

If you have been on the internet for a long enough time, you will have inevitably stumbled across the concept of relationship goals. And, if you are familiar with relationship goals, you will know that these goals are many things: UnrealisticAnnoying. Possibly misogynistic. But all of that is fine, obviously, because they are fun to look at.

These 2 ?

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One thing that relationship goals photos tend not to be, however, is relatable. Like, sure, maybe you relate to the desire to lounge in your multi-million dollar apartment in a vague city somewhere in the United States while your gorgeous, passionate lover, clad in an outfit that hurts to look at, tends to the children (Bythynnie and Thatcher) that you keep in the house strictly for photographic purposes. Don’t we all! But the reality of any of these things actually happening is, um, not exactly reality. This is fine, of course, because despite what some people may tell you, not everything has to be relatable or realistic. But, if you are looking for some actually relatable relationship goals, check out these ones that will totally make you say “me:”

1. You being cute (you’re in the background):



2. You and bae when you finally take your engagement pictures:



3. And when you have your children:



4. You finding yourself a freak:



5. Same:


6. When you and your lover hit the town together:



7. A love story for the ages <3:


8. You and bae exchanging some deep sexts:



9. A rare photo of your boyfriend:


10. When you and bae decide to go public with your relationship in the yearbook:



11. When you tell bae that you’d really love a surprise on your doorstep, like all the relationship goals couples on Pinterest:



12. When bae always looks at you like you’re the sun:



13. The most relatable relationship goal one could ever achieve:


14. You, flirting:


15. When your boyfriend sends you some sweet texts:


16. Nice:


What do you think of these goals? Do you relate to any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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