31 Funny Tumblr Posts About What Dating Is Actually Like

If you have ever tried casual dating, been in a relationship, had a crush on anyone, or hooked up with someone, then you already know that dating kind of sucks. Sure, it’s fun to feel butterflies in your stomach when you get a text you think is from that someone special, but you know what’s not fun? Looking at your phone with a smile on your face and then realizing it’s just your mom. And, yeah, it’s cool to be in a relationship, but guess what isn’t cool? Dealing with the annoying fights that all couples get in at some point that don’t even make sense but make us all irrationally angry.

Anyway, if you’ve never been part of this world, then you probably spend a good amount of time wondering what dating is like. I know I did that when I had never been involved with it. Luckily, we have Tumblr posts to show you what really goes on – the good, the bad, the awkward, and the “OMG I can’t wait to tell my friends this story.” Sure, dating might be worth it in the end, but the journey is, uh, quite the ride. Here are a few Tumblr posts on what dating is really like that will make you giggle. 

2. Sometimes, being in a relationship is very sweet and loving, like this wholesome meme shows:



2. And then other times it’s like this, where you resort to screenshots to be right in an argument:



3. Or it’s like this, where you’re trying to be optimistic even though everyone around you is warning you to stay away:



4. Dating is now also linked to online stalking, which is usually necessary:



5. When you like someone, it is really, really, really, really awkward, like this:



6. You always fall for the person you don’t want to fall for, it is a Rule:



7. And you always pretend to move on to seem ~cool~ even when you have not moved on:



8. This is a good way to describe the love lives of most people:



9. And if you’re ever going to follow a dating rule, make it this one:



10. Relationships require balance, which can be really hard to maintain, because it’s usually like this:



11. And sometimes you just get irrationally angry, whatever.



12. This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME:



13. You always feel the need to stand guard because jealousy is a bitch, TBH:



14. This is what dating SHOULD be like when things don’t work out (it is not always):



15. Flirting is, uh, complicated.



16. You play hard to get and act petty all the time, everyone does it, don’t lie:



17. This sums things up pretty well for a lot of people:



18. A lot of us are really unwilling to trust anybody at all no matter what:



19. This, sadly, happens far too often:



20. This rings true for many people:



21. This situation happens a little too often:



22. Texting is not always interesting:



23. But sometimes you come across gems like this:



24. You don’t actually want some of the things you say you want:



25. This is how you flirt if you’re awkward:



26. A lot of people feel this way, unfortunately:



27. If you’re in a relationship, this happens… a lot.



28. There are a lot of confusing emotions in the dating world:



29. You get disappointed a lot, but you always have to play it cool:



30. This happens at least once a week if you’re in a relationship:



31. And everyone is this put together, all the time:


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? What did we forget to add? What do you think dating is like? Share in the comments!

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