7 Things To Know Before Having Sex In The Summer

I’m going to tell you an embarrassing but true story from one of my friends: one summer, she was doin’ it with her BF when, all of a sudden, she fainted. Like, while they were in the middle of having sex and she fainted. As horrifying as that sounds (she was okay, of course, and woke up seconds later), it actually is pretty common. Sex is really like a workout, and if you’re doing it in a hot and sticky room on an 80 degree day, you might get a little overworked, which can be scary. There are, luckily, some ways to make sure you are being safe this summer when it comes to having sex.

I’m not saying that you will definitely faint if you are having sex this summer, but you do need to be a little cautious when you’re doing it. The summer heat can do a lot of things to your body, and you want to be sure to be safe. Before you and your bae/partner/crush get it on this summer, you really should take a look at these important summer sex tips that can, potentially, save you from an awkward “fainting during sex” situation. Good luck! Drink water!!!

Are you going to use any of these summer sex tips?  Tell us in the comments!

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  • creativecubez

    Shower sex also saves water!