9 Books To Read This Summer Before They Become Movies

I don’t know about you guys, but I love reading a book before I see the movie (or TV show) it’s based on. In fact, many times I will put off seeing a movie so that I can read the book first. This isn’t only because I love being able to brag about how I “read the book first,” it’s also because I feel it gives me a better viewer experience, in some ways. Reading the book first gives more context to any story. It’s really difficult to translate all of the written words in a book into a movie and so, understandably, things have to get left out. It’s just that, usually, important things get left out, and reading the book helps you understand what’s happening better. You know?

Of course, there’s a downside too: sometimes I spend so much time comparing the book to the movie that I don’t even enjoy the movie at all. I like a lot of detail, and I like books better than movies, so this makes sense, but still… it’s not ideal. The only time, I think, that I liked a movie better than a book was when I watched Big Little Lies (which is technically not a movie, but a mini series), and even then, I felt I got a better grasp on the story because I had read all the detail in the book.

Overall, though, I always recommend reading the book before the movie comes out. Books are good! And also, don’t you want to feel intellectually superior to everyone else in the theater who didn’t read the book? I thought so. Here are some movies coming out based on books you definitely need to make time to read this summer. It’s not a super long list, so it’s totally doable!

Have you read any of these books yet? Which are you most excited to see as a movie? Share in the comments!

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