15 Unique DIY Embroidered Clothing Ideas To Try At Home

Embellishments are one of summer’s biggest fashion trends, and the most wearable of that category has got to be embroidery. Clothes with embroidered patches or designs have a slight vintage feel to them, while at that same time coming off as unique and fresh because it’s not something people wear every day. They’re fun and have some personality to them, and the look is super versatile. The best thing about it? You can make your own embroidered clothing instead of dropping a lot of cash on it. It’s a great way to update basics that are looking boring!

Most embroidered clothing requires some kind of sewing knowledge, but it can be relatively simple and not as complicated as it seems. Plus, there’s one super easy shortcut we’ll clue you in on below that requires almost no work at all (we won’t tell anyone you used it). There are tons of options when it comes to this DIY trend – you can choose a denim jacket, jeans, a button down shirt, a regular t-shirt, a skirt, dress… literally anything. Check out the below embroidered clothing ideas and start to get creative for a unique piece you’ll wear all summer long.

1. DIY Embroidered Collar



Add a touch of color and design to a plain button down shirt by sewing some embroidery into the collar. This floral design is super pretty and feminine, but you can do anything you want here.


2. DIY Embroidered Denim Jacket



Add flowers and a cute saying to your denim jacket for some color. You can put this anywhere – the back is a popular option, but I love how unexpected it seems in the front.


3. DIY Embroidered Jeans



Add a cute phrase, word, or your name to the back pocket or waistband of your jeans for something subtle but fun.


4. Embroidered Tee



Add one word (or your name) to the front pocket of a plain tee to give it a quick update. This is great for an old shirt or for an inexpensive one.


5. Embroidered Sweatshirt



You can also take basically the same tutorial and use it for a sweatshirt. You can obviously use any word or phrase you want, but this one is pretty cute.


6. Embroidered Chambray Shirt



If you’re experienced at sewing, you can make something like this, which looks like a patch but is actually on the shirt. This is a little heavier and would probably work better on a thicker fabric, like chambray.


7. Embroidered Tank



Add some colorful string around the collar and sleeves of a tank top. It’s easier than a full-on design or words, and still looks really pretty. Plus, it’s a good way to practice.


8. DIY Sequin Embroidery



Add sequins to the mix with an embroidered design like this one. It’s not “traditional” embroidery, but it’s really cool looking.


9. DIY Embroidered Jean Jacket



Get big with your words and add a large phrase or name to the back of a denim jacket. It’s a real ~look~ right now.


10. Embroidered Shorts



Add some color to the waistband of high-waist shorts for something subtle and unexpected.


11. Embroidered Shirt



Use a back stitch to embroider words on a tank top or a shirt.


12. DIY Embroidered Embellished Shorts



Play up your embroidery with other embellishments, like studs or sparkles, if you really want to go all out. You can obviously do any design, but this is perfect for the 4th of July.


13. DIY Embroidered Tank 



Forget one word – add a whole quote to the pocket of a tank top (or any shirt, really) to really make your artwork stand out.


14. Embroidered Jacket



This embroidery design looks incredibly hard and detailed, but it’s actually a total shortcut. You can snip out the back of your jacket and replace it with embroidered fabric, like in this tutorial.


15. DIY Embroidered Bomber Jacket



Another cheat? You can just glue or iron on embroidered patches to any clothing item you own. It looks cute on this bomber, but you can do this for anything! It’s faster than sewing, although not quite as sturdy or permanent, but it’s great for someone who isn’t super crafty.

Which one of these DIY projects are you going to try? Do you own any embroidered clothing? Let us know in the comments.

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