15 Signs You Are Actually Beach Body Ready

If you live in a place that typically has a hot summer, you might be itching to get to the beach soon. I don’t blame you! Around this time of year, it gets hot and sticky, and the only thing you want to do is neglect every responsibility you’ve ever had and jump into the ocean (we’ve all been there, I get it). You spend your entire year waiting for the weather to get warm enough so that you can strip down and rock a cute bikini. But, of course, you need to WORK in order to earn your bikini body, right? Right. Duh. But how?

You can’t just throw on a bikini like some sort of basic, bathing suit-wearing person, right? Of course not. It’s okay! There is still a little bit of time before summer, so I am going to tell you the signs that you are actually, 100 percent beach body ready. I know, it’s stressful, but it’s going to be okay. So, in case you were wondering, these are the only definite, foolproof ways to tell that you are beach body ready.

1. You are beach body ready if you are an actual dog:


2. Also, you can only be beach ready if you have a man to lay on, no matter how hot and sweaty you both might be


3. Or if you’re wearing Crocs:


4. You’re ready to wear a bikini if you are LITERALLY as hard as rocks. Literally.


5. Only TRUE beach fans know how to build a boat:


6. Oh, I almost forgot, you also need to be one of the guys from Avatar:


7. You can also, obviously, only wear a matching Calvin Klein Bikini Set:


8. You need to prep your linens, too:


9. Who says the beach body has to be your own?


10. These are all important tips to be truly prepared:


11. You can’t forget to pick up your body on the way home, though:


12. Also, relatable:


13. Oh, I forgot to mention, you also need to know how to work in construction before you can be beach body ready:


14. But, in all seriousness, all you need to be beach body is……a body:

15. You will look FAB…so eat whatever the F you want:

(Okay but seriously: the idea of a beach body is ridiculous and needs to end. If you have a body and want to go to the beach: GO FOR IT. But still, check out these funny tweets about what a “beach body” really is)

Are you beach body ready? Tell us in the comments!

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