7 Ways To Deal With Pubes When Going Down On Your SO

Pubes are like exes, disappointments, and having to get up early. They’re all part of life. No matter what some douchey guys might say, pubes are a completely normal and natural thing. It’s normal to have hair on your vag, your butt, and everywhere in between. And it’s normal for guys to have pubes, too. What’s more, there’s nothing to be ashamed about having pubes.

Even though having pubic hair is no big deal, it can still result in some awkward moments, especially during oral sex. Whether you’re giving a guy a blowjob, or you’re going down on a lady, those pubes can turn the hot, steamy mood into a silly one. All it takes is one pube in one tooth to do that. That definitely isn’t a reason for everyone to shave their privates so they reassemble hairless cats. If you’re still pro bush and your SO is too, it’s handy to know what to do to avoid the pube-in-teeth scenario. Here are seven ways to deal with pubes during oral sex.

Make Use Of Your Hands

Hands are great for stimulating, and they're also brilliant at keeping pubes under control. Before literally diving face first into that mound of pubic hair, try *squashing* or parting the pubes with your hands. No one wants to be literally up to their eyeballs in hair, as natural as it may be.

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Watch Out For Long Nails And Jewelry

Even if you just like to place your hands in bae's nether regions while you're going downtown, you will still want to abide by this one. Why? Nothing kills a hot BJ than someone removing their hands from a pubic area and having their long nails take a chunk of pubic hair with them. Bracelets, rings, and watches can do the same thing. I'm wincing just at the thought.

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Consider Switching Up Your Angle

Do you and bae always tend to be in the same positions when you're giving and or receiving oral sex? Switch things up, sister. Not only will it make your oral sessions way hotter, it can also help you deal with those pubes. For example, try a 69 position even if only one of you is giving oral. Bae will get a great view off your butt and you'll be able to subtly pick pubes out of your mouth. Win, win.

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Don't Freak Out About Stray Pubes

I know that it's tempting to want to scream and yank that hair from the back of your throat/tooth/underneath your tongue. However, that is a major buzzkill for everyone involved. And would you really want bae having that sort of reaction to your pubes? Try to be subtle about it. Or if you can, do it later. If you must address the situation, try to do it with a bit of sexy humor.

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Say No To Lip Products

You probably don't wear lipstick if you're planning on going down on your SO because you know that a stained red crotch doesn't really add to the experience. However, it's also wise to avoid applying any sort of lip products before oral sex. Even lip balm. That stuff can be like a magnet for pubes.

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Play With It

It's only hair; it's not going to attack you. Like balls, people sometimes forget that a bit of pube play can actually enhance oral sex. And don't forget about the fact that underneath those pubes is some sensitive skin. Another benefit about playing with pubes? It can remove some of the stray hairs so they'll be less likely to get caught in your mouth.

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Embrace It

If you're going to love pubes, go for it. Stroke them, pull them, and even try gently pulling on them with your teeth. If you're unsure about how this will go down, it never hurts to ask bae beforehand what he/she thinks about it.

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How do you deal with pubic hair during oral sex? Let us know in the comments!

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