17 Wholesome AF Promposals That Will Make Your Whole Day

In need of some good, clean, fun? I thought you’d never ask. I myself am serious about having some good, clean, fun from time to time–though not too much fun, obviously, as I tend to get overstimulated if there is too much going on around me–so, if I am feeling a little antsy, I am not above seeking it out myself. Of course, these days, good, clean fun is hard to find (the main problem being that most things are bad and scary right now) so I have found that I need to turn to one thing in order to get my fix: Promposals.

Promposals are, certainly, not always wholesome–if you’ve ever seen the ones where someone has one sign to show their mom and one sign to show the rest of the internet, you’ll know what I’m talking about–but, when they are, they are some of the purest, most decent things one can ever hope to see in their young life. And that, in my opinion, is something that is worth sharing! So, check out these wholesome AF promposals that, if you are into that kind of thing, will totally make your day:

1. Take, for example, this art gallery-themed promposal:


2. And this La La Land one:

i'm hoping to la la land a date to prom! ???

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3. Then, there’s this epic journey:



4. And this perfect made-for-TV movie:



5. Not sure how to ask someone? Just bring them your PUG THAT’S DRESSED UP LIKE A WAITER:



6. Or use your horse to make your puns a little more convincing:


7. Teddy bears work, too:

8. If someone isn’t validating all of your passions while they ask you to prom, do NOT say yes!!


9. It’s not that hard to pull off well!

since you're young and beautiful, can i be your million dollar man at prom?

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10. Even if your passions happen to be minions-based:


11. An inaugural LGBTQ promposal at a school is, perhaps, the most wholesome thing of all:



12. Rivaled only by this welded promposal sign:


13. And this Hamilton-themed promposal that reeks of genuine excitement (Lin-MAnuel would be so proud)!!



14. Why am I crying?


15. WHY are these all so sweet???



16. :’)


17. Anyway. These are all super cute. The end.

What do you think of these promposals? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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