7 Things You Can Look Forward To In College That People Never Talk About

Are you a graduating high school senior who is college-bound in fall? Well, first of all, congrats. Second of all, while college definitely isn’t all fun, you have a lot to look forward to. But those things that most people look forward to in college–thanks to everything from pop culture to tales from older family members who have been there and done that–are pretty…limited. Like, okay, here’s what the average high school senior is excited for when they think of college: Decorating a dope dorm room, partying, taking some cool classes, meeting new people, getting to do whatever they want without their parents bossing them around…you know, that kind of stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all exciting things to be amped about, but there are so many other amazing things that you can do and take advantage of in college that people just don’t talk about. Maybe because these things are so easily taken for granted, or they become so intertwined in our daily lives as college students that they just become a way of life. Whatever the reason, you deserve the tea on it. So check out these seven things you can look forward to in college that people never talk about. Hey, why not have more things to get excited about beyond the duvet you plan on buying for school.

You Can Make Your Own Schdule

No more of this 8:00-3:00 school day everyday crap. I mean, if you want your classes to spread from morning to late afternoon from Monday through Friday, go for it. But you can also set up your schedule so that you only have to go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you want to get your classes over with early, you can set it up so that you're done with all your classes by noon. If you'd rather sleep in, you can make sure don't have a single class until after noon. The power is yours.

Two Words: Free Gym

Okay, so your gym access is just part of your tuition, but it can still feel like a perk, especially if your school has really great exercise facilities that you can access whenever you want. This is the last time you can go to the gym without paying an annoying monthly fee, so take advantage of it. Plenty of students (including me, TBH) didn't, and I definitely regret it now!

Mental Health Services On Campus

Most if not all universities offer mental health services on campus for its students. So if you have some issues that you want to talk out--perhaps regarding depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc--you can see someone who can help you out. Hopefully, they'll be good. This is especially nice for those of you who have wanted to go to therapy for a while, but couldn't under your parents roof due to cultural stigma, financial hardship, etc.

More LGBTQ Friendly Spaces Than Most High Schools

Unless you end up at an ultra conservative university, college can be amazing for befriending other people under the LGBTQ umbrella. Whether it's by joining organizations or just going to mixers hosted by said organizations, you'll have more safe spaces than you were likely allotted at high school. This can be really game changing.

It's A Fresh Start

I attended school with the same people from seventh to twelfth grade. I, like everyone else, had a specific reputation that probably changed very little over those six years, and even going through a total personality shift couldn't unlock me from the chains of people's years long expectations of what kind of person I was. College gets rid of all of that. For the first time in years, you get a whole new start. Sure, that can be scary, especially if you were very comfortable with your social standing in high school. But this can also be incredibly liberating. You might as well be a whole new person, fresh out of the womb. Nobody cares about your past, or how popular (or unpopular) you were in high school, or anything like that. You're a blank slate. It's exciting. Relish it.

Free Food Everywhere

This is low key one of the best things about college: There's always some event going on on campus, and there's almost always food there. That is, like, music to the ears of any broke college student ever. Or, you know, any college student who has a big appetite. Go with a friend if you don't want to seem like a total freeloader. Who knows, maybe the event or lecture you're pigging out at will actually catch your interest too.

Free And Cheap Concerts

When it comes to college, especially ones in the states, there's a lot of hype about college sports. I mean, fair...if your school has some good teams. But if you ask me, what's even better than college sports are college concerts. A lot of bands and artists often perform at colleges because the pay is pretty good, and you, as a student, can enjoy them for little to no cost. Seriously, Drake performed at my university's homecoming a few years ago for free. You'd be surprised by who ends up performing at your school.

What are you most looking forward to in college? Least? Tell us in the comments!

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