8 Common Myths You Probably Believe About Poop

Poop. It’s not the most glamorous of topics, is it? It’s definitely not as ~*classy*~ as talking about handbags, dogs, or even tacos. Heck, talking about pubic hair is more glam. But is that going to stop us from talking about it? Heck no. Because when we don’t talk about poop, it leads us to believe things that aren’t true at all.

You probably believed some pretty interesting things about going number two when you were young. When you think back about them now, you might even chuckle at how silly and/or naive you were. Well, if no one told you what was real and what wasn’t, you still might be believing that you could poop the rainbow today…or whatever other thing you thought. To clear up some more things, here are some things you probably believe about poop:

It Has To Be Brown

Sorry to get graphic, but you probably have an idea that poo has to be brown. And a very specific shade. We can thank cartoons and the poop emoji for encouraging this one. However, what they say about snowflakes, also applies to poop. All stool is unique and many different things impact the color, shape, and size of it. Of course, if you suddenly find that your poop is neon yellow, you will probably want to get that checked out.

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Having Anal Will Make You Do It

Ahhh, if you weren't sure about doing anal before, this definitely had an impact in your decision. While a bit of poop might come out during anal, you're probably not going to poop the bed, unless you seriously had to go beforehand.

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It's Okay To Hold It In

People think it's *okay* to hold their poop if it means waiting to get home to do their business. You probably think it's more polite and therefore it's okay, right? Wrong. That is doing no favors for your body. In fact, holding your poop is as bad as holding your pee. If you've gotta go, go. Don't hold it in because you're worried about stinking up someone's bathroom.

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Prunes Are The Only Solution For Constipation

Prunes have definitely earned a reputation about helping to relieve constipation for a reason. Ditto for prune juice. But they aren't your only options. Far from it. Let's not forget about beans. Many things can help relieve constipation. Simply look for any sorts of foods that are high in fiber. If you're looking for other options, there are over-the-counter remedies to get you going. Literally.

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If It Changes Colors, That's Bad

Do you have a small panic attack when you look in the toilet and your poop is a different color than it normally is? Take a chill pill because it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you. Lots of things can change the color of our poo including medications, foods, and drinks.

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Green Poop Equals Upset Stomach

That might be the case, but that is only part of the full answer. Fast-moving poo means that all-important bile doesn't have time to work its magic which means green poop comes out. Other things can cause your poop to turn green, like what you eat and drink. Hello, green veggies. And of course we cannot forget about things that have green color in them.

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It's Alright To Force It

If we're not trying to hold it in, we're trying to force it out when we're sitting on the toilet. You probably think that it's better to do it now than risk having to go later when there might not be a bathroom around, right? And you think it's okay because it's ~*in the pipe*~. Well, forcing poop is just as bad as holding it in. If it's not ready, it's not ready. Straining can mess things up down there.

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It Has To Float

The opposite is actually true here. You actually want that poop to sink because it means that your food has been digested properly. If you've got a floater it means that there is a lot of gas in your stool or it could indicate that something is up with your intestine, like an infection.

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What things about poop did you think were legit? Let us know in the comments!

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Does Having Anal Make You Poop?

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