18 Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Sleeping More Than Anything Else

Not to brag, but ever since my roommates and I discovered a massive patch of black mold on our bathroom ceiling that had collected around the overhead light and was rapidly spreading down the walls, I’ve been really tired. Black mold makes you sleepy, you see (as well as wheezy and achy and potentially on the brink of death), so, for the past few weeks, armed with the knowledge that the fungus growing on the walls gave me the permission to be tired all the time, pretty much all I’ve been doing is sleeping. And my sleep, if you are wondering, has been fantastic.


Unfortunately, the black mold is gone now (my landlord, um, removed our ceiling entirely in order to deal with it), but, on the bright side, my fatigue is not. And the point of this whole story is not to make you feel sorry for me, or to encourage me to “see a doctor,” but to say that, finally, I have really been having the best naps of my young life recently. In fact, the only thing I really love right now is getting in a good nap, or adding an extra hour or five  to my nightly slumber. Whether your home is infested with black mold or not, I am sure you can relate. Sleeping is great! So, check out these things you’ll relate to if you love sleeping more than anything else:

1. Same:



2. Extremely same:



3. The best way to sleep!


4. Obviously, you need some fuel to sleep well:



5. When a coma is literally the only thing you can think of to make you feel alive again:



6. Me:



7. Actually, this is me:



8. AHEM:



9. Sure?


10. Don’t act like you’d do anything different here:



11. The finest journalism there is:



12. This is…rude:



13. The agony, the ecstasy, etc:


4. I MEAN:

15. You texting your crush:

16. This one HURTS:



17. The most important question one can ask in a relationship:



18. Good nite!

At least you had good intentions.

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